Friday, August 16, 2013


I told some of you I have been quilting like a mad woman these days.  Well here's a little proof of it. 
This is Marcella's Memory quilt from her granddaughter's wedding.  I love what she has done with it.  She had guests at the wedding sign a quilt block and this is how she put them together.  What a great memory for the bride and groom.

Joy, from A Joyful Soul Fabrics has been at it again.  She comes up with the cutest patterns and color combinations.  This one called Fireworks and is made from a jelly roll I believe.  She has kits for sale for this on her website.  Better hurry and get you one. 

And last, for this evening is a baby quilt that Jessica made for her new little niece.  I just love the twister ruler and who can resist the soft, cuddly minkee on the back. 

There are more pictures to come but I'll save it for another night.  I told you I've been quilting like a mad woman!


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