Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mini Quilt Show

How about a mini quilt show.  Deborah from BudaTX is a very busy quilt piecer these days.  She brought me these 4 quilts and has more she told me. 
This is a cute little strip quilt.

And who could resist a baby quilt with yellow rubber duckies quilted on it. 

 And a quilt from charm packs...

 And my favorite of all.  I love the sunflower quilt.  Deborah usually gives away all of her quilts but she says this one is for her.  YAY!  However, I spoke with her later and she said that a friend offered her cash and she sold it to him.  She still doesn't have a quilt she has kept for herself.  :(
  Hope you enjoyed the mini show.


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