Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mini Quilt Show

How about a mini quilt show.  Deborah from BudaTX is a very busy quilt piecer these days.  She brought me these 4 quilts and has more she told me. 
This is a cute little strip quilt.

And who could resist a baby quilt with yellow rubber duckies quilted on it. 

 And a quilt from charm packs...

 And my favorite of all.  I love the sunflower quilt.  Deborah usually gives away all of her quilts but she says this one is for her.  YAY!  However, I spoke with her later and she said that a friend offered her cash and she sold it to him.  She still doesn't have a quilt she has kept for herself.  :(
  Hope you enjoyed the mini show.


Monday, July 29, 2013


Last month while I was home, I was the best daughter a parent could ever hope for!  After all, not every daughter will help her dad clean out a 4 stall garage in the sweltering heat while she's on vacation.  :)  Mom and Dad are making room in the garage to convert it to a Rec Room.  Dad has taken up playing pool in his retirement years and he thinks he needs his own table to practice on.  This is my dad and he's pretty close to the definition of a hoarder and definitely fits the description of a pack rat! 
And this is his garage that is stuffed to the gills with junk important stuff that he is hoarding or stashing away!

Everyone needs an antique beauty salon chair and of course a playboy magazine or two from 1960 - 1980.  Just for the record, no dad didn't buy all those magazines.  He picked them up out of the trash!  Well at least that's his story and he's sticking to it.  I of course, have no doubt he's telling the honest truth as he's never lied to me in 52 years (unless you count Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, and the tooth fairy) and I know my mother would never hear to it that he purchase them!  According to him, they are collectors items, especially if you have the Marilyn Monroe edition -  which he doesn't anymore.  He says he used to but someone stole it from him.  Any who..... how did I get sidetracked so easy?  Back to the garage cleaning....

This is just one bay of the garage ready for the garage sale.  Believe it or not, we did get through most everything and did clear out a ton of junk stuff.  It only took us 2 weeks but we did it!!!  He is ready for the carpenters to show and get started.
In between cleaning the garage, I did finish setting this quilt together.  These are the blocks from the Quilted Angels Online Quilt Club Challenge.  Each month we were given 2 blocks to make from our fabric.   At the end of the 6 months, we were to set it together, our choice of setting.  This is mine.  The winner will receive $100 gift certificate from Quilts With A Heart.  The winner hasn't been announced yet so keep your fingers crossed!  A name for this quilt hasn't come to me yet.  Do you have suggestions?  Leave me a comment and tell me what you think I should call it.


Sunday, July 28, 2013


Whoo Hoo!!! Do the happy dance with me!  I received word this week from Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Magazine that my block I submitted many months ago has been selected. 

"Dear Doris,

Congratulations! Your block (Hearts Desire) has been chosen to be included in 100 Blocks, vol. 8, onsale November 19, 2013.

More information will be coming shortly regarding the blog tour, promotions and more......."

I am over the moon excited about this and I can't wait until I can share the block with you.  I have to wait for instruction from Quiltmaker though.

Friday, July 26, 2013


Last weekend I had the best time with 7 of my best friends at the Wimberly Quilt Ranch.  It wouldn't matter if I didn't get anything done while I was there.  It is such a nice, relaxing place and you couldn't bet the company I was keeping.  However, I did get a lot done/finished.

Project #1 finished was this Texas Twister Flag quilt.  It will be a nice addition to my Texas Beauties trunk show.

I didn't plan to make this little beauty but Linda and Vicki twisted my arm.  They made theirs like an American Flag but of course, I had to be different and do it up Texas style.  Still need to applique the star on the blue section but didn't have any white fabric with me that was wide enough for the star.

Keep Christmas in your heart all the year through is what the panel says at the top.   I have had this santa panel for a number of years, so long I can't remember when or where I bought it.  About 4 years ago I found the border fabric at a shop in Gulfport MS, a good number of years after I purchased the panel.  Could have been why the border fabric was on the sale table!  But hey, another UFO completed!

Project #4, my Americana Stars BOM from Quilts With A Heart.  My favorite; red, white, and blue and yet another UFO finished.

I didn't make this little beauty at the retreat but I did put the binding on it.  It's a done deal!  I call it a Texas State of Mind.

I also didn't plan to make this project at retreat either.  However, when I stopped in at One Quilt Place in Fredericksburg, TX on my way to retreat, I couldn't resist this panel and coordinating fabric.  It' s called Texas Lone Star State from Moda.  It was really quick and easy and it's ready to quilt and go in my Texas Beauties trunk show too. I haven't named this one yet though. 

I also worked on my Spring Bouquet BOM using batiks from the Over the Rainbow collection. these are just 2 of the blocks I worked on.  I look at it with amazement as I can't believe I paid money to participate in something like this.  I'm definitely out of my element on this one.  Thank goodness the applique pieces are precut and are already backed with the iron on adhesive.  The original BOM had a tan/taupe background and it was too boring for me.  A friend and I had talked the quilt shop (Poppy's Quilt and Sew) we are getting them from into kitting ours with black background.  Another friend got hers from a different quilt shop and couldn't talk them into substituting the back ground fabric but she's doing her's on lime green.  It is very striking as well. 
As expected, a fabulous weekend quilting, good food and great friends!  I can't wait for our next scheduled retreat in October. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Okay, I know its been a while a month of Sundays since I last posted.  And I know I said I'd try to do better that last time I fell off the wagon and didn't post for a month of Sundays.  But, I'm saying it again.... I really am going to try to do better. 

So, to catch you up;    this little sweetie and her momma were here for a month for a visit from Japan.  I spent most of the month at my mom and dad's in Missouri the whole time they were here so as not to miss a moment with them.
We took her on a little vacation to Branson.  We rode the ducks, played miniature golf and went to Whitewater and Silver Dollar City. 
During my visit, I helped dad clear his garage to make room for the conversion of two of the bays for a recreation room.  You have no idea how much stuff is in that garage.  The first day was a little overwhelming as dad didn't want to part with anything.  I think we just moved it from one side to the other.  However, after a couple of days, he was ready to get rid of it all!   Either that or he was suffering from a heat stroke. 
As you can see, it will full to the gills!  And busting at the seams!  There was even things in the rafters/attic storage. 

And believe it or not, we didn't sell out at our garage sale but we sure made a huge dent in it.  Someone came the day after the sale and bought the rest!  Whooo Hoooo!!! It's gone!
Fourth of July was celebrated at my sister's and the whole gang was there.  These two were the stars of the day though.
We, as in Gregg, William and myself, also scheduled a trip to Missouri State University in Springfield, MO and toured the campus and met with the head of the computer science department.  William has decided to attend college there.  I think it's a great choice and I am very comfortable with it.  Well as comfortable as a mom can be about her baby going off to college.  Meanwhile, back in Texas the first week of July, William received his FFA State Lone Star Degree at the FFA Convention in Dallas.
 (William is on the left)
Then it was another trip back to Missouri to finish off our visit with Hollie and Raleigh.  We took in the Vernon County Youth Fair and I saw and visited with so  many people I hadn't seen in years.  I had the best time!  While there, William made the decision to attend my alma mater Nevada (MO) High School his senior year.  (Well, he didn't just decide that weekend.  He's been thinking about it for quite some time now.)  Gregg and I have very mixed feelings about it but it is inevitable that he's leaving home sooner or later.  This next year will be a break in for what's to come when he goes to college.  I'm happy for him and he seems very happy with his decision.  He will live with grandma and grandpa.  I wonder if they are ready for a teenager in the house again. 
My final escapade was the quilt retreat at the Wimberly Quilt Ranch with 7 of my best friends.  I finished up several UFO's and made progress on a couple more.  I'll post pictures on those on another post. 
I'm finally back home in Texas and quilting like a mad woman to catch up before I leave again next week to go back to Nevada MO to enroll him in school.  He and I will come back to Texas for two weeks and to get all his stuff before the final move for him. It's hard to believe school starts tomorrow in just a few short weeks!  Where did the summer go? 
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