Wednesday, June 26, 2013


We recently had new carpet installed in the 3 bedrooms of the house.  The old carpet was very old, but a good quality carpet (at least it wasn't shag) but had lots of stains when we moved in.  We added our fair share of stains of the last seven years so it was in not so good shape.  One of the bedrooms was taken over as my sewing room so all that stuff had to come out to lay the new carpet.  What came out of 1 room took up 2 rooms and that was not counting the bookcases, cutting table, treadle sewing machine, chest of drawers, and bed. 

  This is what was in the entry way (and I have a BIG entry way).  This church pew is 16' long and is full of fabric and quilts.

  And this was the formal living room, and I had already started putting some things away before I took this picture.

Take a good, long look at this because I can assure you that it will be a long time before it looks this empty, or clean again.

  So, what comes out must go back in.... somewhere.  I now have everything back in... that will fit.  Now where am I going to put all that fabric that is still on the church pew?  I refuse to set it back in there on the floor....   Maybe I'll leave it on the church pew.   Ya think Gregg will notice?

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