Sunday, June 9, 2013


Mama said there would be days like this.  And as usual, she was right.  I opted to skip church this morning as I had so much quilting to do.  I'm trying to get caught up before I leave to go to Missouri to see Hollie and my Raleigh girl.  So in a matter of an hour or so, everything I attempted to do went wrong.

First I stitched out the border on each side of the quilt in blue thread when it should have been white.  Grrrrhhh!  Guess what's in my future.  Yep!  Ripping, my favorite thing.   Why is it that what takes less than 5 minutes to stitch out on a quilting machine takes 5 hours to rip out! 

My next frustration was a thread break while I was stitching in the ditch across the border, only to realize that it broke about 6" into the ditchwork and I was now at the end of the border.

So then I decide to go ahead and do as much as I can before I start my ripping.  I change my thread to red, to stitch out a barbed wire in the narrow border.  I very precisely mark off my border, go to the computer to set the pattern in the border and I have marked off the border on the wrong page of the program.  I know you don't understand a word of what I just said but trust me, it was quite irritating and a waste of time.  Ok, so now I've got it re-marked on the right page, the pattern is in the border, and I hit the quilt button; only to have my thread break (again) in just a short time.  Ugh, restarted the machine, only to run out of bobbin thread now.

So off to the bobbin winder, almost through with winding the bobbin and my thread breaks and somehow starts winding around the bobbin backwards or something.  I had a snarl of a mess of thread!  I couldn't find the end, I had loops of thread around the bobbin.  I worked with that for what seemed like hours (but was probably 15-30 minutes) before I had finally unwound all the thread off the bobbin. 

I gave up.  I quit quilting and went to work putting the bias binding on the apple core quilt I am quilting for a customer.  Maybe I should have picked something a little less challenging!  Or maybe next time I shouldn't skip church!

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