Saturday, June 1, 2013


Recently I purchased quilt kit at an estate sale for a song. 

It had my favorite colors in it, red, white, and blue.  (In the pictures it doesn't look much like red, white, and blue but it really is.)  It had each block labeled:
     light house block
     watering can
     pieced flag
     half square triangle border
I was so excited!  I felt like I had hit the jackpot.... until I came home and took a closer look.  There was no pattern in there.   I was pretty sure it came from Patchwork Gardens in Abilene because a couple of the block labels had their name on it.  But guess what, Patchwork Gardens in Abilene went out of business at least 2-3 years ago.  Now what?   I put it away but every time I would look for something in my stash closet I would come across the kit.

Recently, while on a social network we call Facebook, I noticed one of my friends "liked" Abilene Quilter Guild and of course I had to "like" them too.  And then it occurred to me.  Maybe one of those Abilene ladies might have this pattern that goes with the kit.  So I posted a plea for help.  And guess what, Sharla Lisenbee came to my rescue and knew the lady that used to own Patchwork Gardens and that lady said she thought she knew the pattern I was talking about.  She was gracious and generous enough to share the pattern with me.  She gave it to Sharla who sent it to me.  I can now work on my quilt.  This is it.  The name of the pattern is called "Best of Summer". 



  1. That is great you found the pattern! I did something similar, but mine was from the LQS, and more expensive, I bought the block of the month kit for the Moda Sonnet collection, thinking the block patterns were in the kit. But, it's been too long to try to find out how to get the blocks. I loved the browns, teal, orange colors, and the stripe. All I have is the initial begging block that says for finished 12" blocks. The LQS has a new owner now, and I haven't seen anything on the internet for it since it's well over 4 yrs.

  2. well, that must be my mental slip...typing begging...Meant to say beginning block.


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