Friday, June 28, 2013


With the Fourth of July just around the corner, I thought it only appropriate to show you my progress on my Americana Stars Block of the Month (that ended several months ago).  It's one of my UFO's and it's about to be completed and no longer a UFO but just a quilt top that needs to be quilted!

Here are the 4 rows of blocks set together.  How do you like my new carpet?  Nicer than the ugly tan, dirty, stained carpet from before huh?

And here are the  components for the rows to go between these rows to make a secondary pattern. 
 I still need to make the navy and red half square triangles, add borders and it's done.  They are cut out though so it shouldn't take too long, just need to find time to get back to it. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


We recently had new carpet installed in the 3 bedrooms of the house.  The old carpet was very old, but a good quality carpet (at least it wasn't shag) but had lots of stains when we moved in.  We added our fair share of stains of the last seven years so it was in not so good shape.  One of the bedrooms was taken over as my sewing room so all that stuff had to come out to lay the new carpet.  What came out of 1 room took up 2 rooms and that was not counting the bookcases, cutting table, treadle sewing machine, chest of drawers, and bed. 

  This is what was in the entry way (and I have a BIG entry way).  This church pew is 16' long and is full of fabric and quilts.

  And this was the formal living room, and I had already started putting some things away before I took this picture.

Take a good, long look at this because I can assure you that it will be a long time before it looks this empty, or clean again.

  So, what comes out must go back in.... somewhere.  I now have everything back in... that will fit.  Now where am I going to put all that fabric that is still on the church pew?  I refuse to set it back in there on the floor....   Maybe I'll leave it on the church pew.   Ya think Gregg will notice?

Friday, June 21, 2013


Today I made double duty out of my visit to the nursing home to see my Aunt Doris.  I don't get to see her very often as she is in a nursing home in Stockton, MO, which is about 45 minutes from where my parents live.  She has Parkinson's Disease and it is taking a toll on her.  Mom took this picture of her and I today. 

On the way to her room, I walked past this sweet little quilt in the hallway.  I love barn quilts.  This one was probably only about 36x36" 

I also passed this beautiful quilt in the hallway.  I love the iris' in this and how they make a secondary pattern.  Hand appliqued and hand quilted too.
  Then we went to the little quilt show in town called Creative Notions.  I bought these 3 fabrics for Hollie's baby quilt.  You'll have to stay tuned to see how I'm going to use them and what the pattern is. 
On the way home, we stopped at the little quilt show in El Dorado Springs, MO called Material Matters Quilting Shop.  I loved her shop.  She had a little bit of everything but had lots of brights and fun prints.  I really wanted to buy lots more but here is what I got.
The black dot fabric was on the sale table and it is for the backing for a customer's quilt so that really doesn't count as mine.  The navy blue fabric was on the sale table as well and I'll use it in Hollie's baby quilt too.  I loved the Calypso Circle Stripe fabric and will probably regret only getting 1/2 yard.  I have a BOM using the "Over the Rainbow" Batiks and you know I have to make my quilts larger, at least to bed size so this charm pack will be used in the border.
Then I saw this cute little barn quilt and she had the buttons in a button kit for it so of course, I had to  get them.  I may make it for Drew's baby room.  They are doing it in Allis Chalmers orange theme and every tractor needs a barn don't you think?
After all this shopping, it was time for some lunch with my sister.  Mom and I met her at the Rusty Jug in El Dorado Springs, MO.  They have wonderful brisket and BBQ.  
My final shop hop stop today was at the little quilt shop in Nevada, MO called Nine Patch Quilting.  The only thing I bought there was a yard of black Kona cotton.  However, I'm going to be here a while and I spotted several pieces of fabric that are calling my name. 


Sunday, June 9, 2013


Mama said there would be days like this.  And as usual, she was right.  I opted to skip church this morning as I had so much quilting to do.  I'm trying to get caught up before I leave to go to Missouri to see Hollie and my Raleigh girl.  So in a matter of an hour or so, everything I attempted to do went wrong.

First I stitched out the border on each side of the quilt in blue thread when it should have been white.  Grrrrhhh!  Guess what's in my future.  Yep!  Ripping, my favorite thing.   Why is it that what takes less than 5 minutes to stitch out on a quilting machine takes 5 hours to rip out! 

My next frustration was a thread break while I was stitching in the ditch across the border, only to realize that it broke about 6" into the ditchwork and I was now at the end of the border.

So then I decide to go ahead and do as much as I can before I start my ripping.  I change my thread to red, to stitch out a barbed wire in the narrow border.  I very precisely mark off my border, go to the computer to set the pattern in the border and I have marked off the border on the wrong page of the program.  I know you don't understand a word of what I just said but trust me, it was quite irritating and a waste of time.  Ok, so now I've got it re-marked on the right page, the pattern is in the border, and I hit the quilt button; only to have my thread break (again) in just a short time.  Ugh, restarted the machine, only to run out of bobbin thread now.

So off to the bobbin winder, almost through with winding the bobbin and my thread breaks and somehow starts winding around the bobbin backwards or something.  I had a snarl of a mess of thread!  I couldn't find the end, I had loops of thread around the bobbin.  I worked with that for what seemed like hours (but was probably 15-30 minutes) before I had finally unwound all the thread off the bobbin. 

I gave up.  I quit quilting and went to work putting the bias binding on the apple core quilt I am quilting for a customer.  Maybe I should have picked something a little less challenging!  Or maybe next time I shouldn't skip church!

Thursday, June 6, 2013


I wasn't sure I really wanted to join the Little Jo's Club hosted by Angela at Quilts With A Heart.  But she made it sound really fun and there was only a sign up fee and you got a whole tower of fat quarters with it so it was really free... right?!  And you got a free project pattern every month and we all know patterns aren't cheap.... so it's really free now.... right?  And if I didn't want to or have time, I didn't have to make the projects.... right?

Well, it all sounds good and all.  But the truth is, this is kinda fun.  I don't know what I'm going to do with all these little quilts though.  And I can't believe I'm making all these little quilts with all these little pieces and 2 of the 3 have been scrappy.  Did you hear me, I said I made 2 scrappy quilts AND I didn't even plan the layout on the last one! 
This is the second quilt in the Little Jo's Club.  The original pattern suggested brown where the small blue pinwheels are and Blue where the dark red is.  You know me, I had to do red, white, and blue.  I forgot to measure it but I think it finished about 36" square, maybe less.

  This is the third Little Jo's quilt top; the unplanned scrappy one.  I used Penny Haren's pieced applique method to make the little half moon pieces.  it went together in no time at all.

You know I would love this one.  It belongs to Carol in my Little Jo's Club.  She didn't trim hers down and added the setting triangles to square it out.  I really liked it.   Wonder if Carol will trade me.  :)
And this one belongs to Sheila (I think... or maybe it was Vicki).  I love how she used the black background and added the borders to make it just a little bit bigger.

And I can't remember who this one belongs to but I think it was Sherrie's. 
Oh, and the free club that I joined, the Little Jo's Club.... Yeah, about that free thing.  It's really hard not to spend any money when you go to the club meetings  and Angela has all these new and exciting quilting toys, books, and fabrics.  AND she's having a sale this Saturday; buy one, get one FREE, on everything in her shop.  There's that free word again.  If it's free why am I paying money?  I was pretty good though.  I only bought 1  book and got one FREE and I bought 1 1/2 yards of fabric and got 1 1/2 yards FREE.  I'll share my purchases tomorrow.  I'm off to the Abilene Quilt show and will probably have more purchases to share with you.


Monday, June 3, 2013

X's and O's QUILT

Joy, at A Joyful Soul Fabrics always does the neatest "modern" quilts.  I'm not a big fan of modern quilts but I almost always love anything she does.  This is the latest quilt she sent to me to quilt.  It's called X's and O's and the fabric is PB&J by Basic Grey for Moda.  William helped my pick the quilting designs to go with the modern quilt top.  Joy is going to put a red binding on it that will make this quilt pop.  You can see it in person if you go to the Abilene Quilt Show this Friday and Saturday.  Joy will be a vendor at the quilt show plus she has lots of other beautiful quilts, kits, and fabrics in her booth. 

It's hard to see the quilting on the top in this picture so here's the quilting on the back.

A close up of the outer and inner border and one of the block designs.


Saturday, June 1, 2013


Recently I purchased quilt kit at an estate sale for a song. 

It had my favorite colors in it, red, white, and blue.  (In the pictures it doesn't look much like red, white, and blue but it really is.)  It had each block labeled:
     light house block
     watering can
     pieced flag
     half square triangle border
I was so excited!  I felt like I had hit the jackpot.... until I came home and took a closer look.  There was no pattern in there.   I was pretty sure it came from Patchwork Gardens in Abilene because a couple of the block labels had their name on it.  But guess what, Patchwork Gardens in Abilene went out of business at least 2-3 years ago.  Now what?   I put it away but every time I would look for something in my stash closet I would come across the kit.

Recently, while on a social network we call Facebook, I noticed one of my friends "liked" Abilene Quilter Guild and of course I had to "like" them too.  And then it occurred to me.  Maybe one of those Abilene ladies might have this pattern that goes with the kit.  So I posted a plea for help.  And guess what, Sharla Lisenbee came to my rescue and knew the lady that used to own Patchwork Gardens and that lady said she thought she knew the pattern I was talking about.  She was gracious and generous enough to share the pattern with me.  She gave it to Sharla who sent it to me.  I can now work on my quilt.  This is it.  The name of the pattern is called "Best of Summer". 

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