Thursday, May 30, 2013


Where does time go?  I don't need to tell you that it's been two weeks since I posted and I swear it was yesterday.

But the graduation party is over and Delnelle graduated and we were so proud of her.  The year end FFA Banquet is over with and the retirement quilt has been presented to Mr. Flood.  I think he was surprised!  William has made it through finals and has informed me every day this week when he gets home from school that "Mom, I'm officially a senior in high school".  And after today, he really is officially a senior in high school.  And that in itself makes me want to cry!  The patient, aka Gregg, is finally on the mend and over the hump after 3 different rounds of antibiotics for the staph infection he got in one of incisions from the surgery.  The home health nurse is only coming 3 times a week now instead of every day.  William is now the official "wound packer" because this woman can't even begin to be that kind of nurse.  And lastly, I'm still behind on quilting but am making progress towards being caught up.  Just in time for Hollie and Raleigh to be home for a visit from Japan and you know I won't get any quilting done while they are here.

I've got a few things I've been working on.... who has time to sleep, right? .... that I need to show you but that will have to wait for another post.  I'd like to say I'll do it tomorrow but I'd hate to lie to you or lead you astray.  Let's just say I hope to post again tomorrow. 


  1. If I had not seen you in person yesterday, I would have to say that you were "lost in space" somewhere.....but since I did, I'll just add that you have had a FULL PLATE! Thanks for updating your blog....glad to know you are trying to get back in the "groove"! Enjoyed yesterday! Happy Quilting! :)

  2. Yes, I was missing you as well. As for the wound packer, how well I know about that-lol
    I had a 19 inch incision to pack every day x 2, no wound nurse came to my house. Tell him it will get better and I also know about the infections, I was in isolation for months, total hospital stay 14 months-he will succeed in this,


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