Monday, May 13, 2013


I'm beginning to think my decision to clean my patio was not the best decision I've made in a while.  I ache and hurt today.  I didn't think I was overdoing it but my body is telling me differently today.  I decided for Mother's Day I wanted the patio cleaned off.  Only problem is that Gregg isn't in any condition to do any yard work and it isn't worth the fight to have William do it; besides he wouldn't do it to my standards so it's just easier to do it myself..  He's did come help when I requested though.

I have Asiatic Jasmine growing around the two large live oak trees.  First I hate the Asiatic Jasmine.  It is so invasive and I really hate the live oak trees.  I hate the bizallion little waxy leaves they shed twice a year and I hate the "fringy" things that drop in the spring.  The bizallion leaves don't go anywhere or "dissolve".  I swear the same leaves are still a "leaf" 10 years later! 

Anyway, this is how it looked when I started.

I have neglected it for the past 2 years that I've been working. 

It's beginning to take shape.

All done!

  The heart shaped plant hanger and the hanging plant were part of my Mother's Day gift from William.  That plus 2 cushions for the iron chairs on the screened in porch. 

  Too bad the rock patio on the opposite side of the screened porch isn't cleaned up like this side.   Oh well, it will still be there for me when I get to it because I can assure you no one else is going to do it and the last time I checked there wasn't a patio cleaning fairy either.  My body has to recover first.


  1. You should have called. I would have come over to help you. Love working outdoors!

  2. However, it does look beautiful, Doris. I hope your body gets better quickly. Try 20 minutes in a bath with two cups of Epsom Salts. Then a cup of tea made from lemon balm. (Yes, I do not like the fact that my body, too, is aging. I snaked the drainline to the street today. I'm hoping my body just forgets I did that!

  3. It looks great, Doris! Sorry you are "feeling" the results of your labor. None of us like the idea of aging....but last time I checked, it is a fact of life!


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