Friday, May 31, 2013


I bought this pattern over a year ago at the Brownwoood Quilt Show.  It's called Texas Snapshots by Glenda at Houston Street Mercantile in Grandbury TX.

I decided I should do the hardest applique first or it might not ever get finished.  So this last week I tackled the bluebonnets.  There are over 50 little flower petals in each stem of the bluebonnets.  I think I must have lost my mind to do this!

I still have to add another leaf set in the white background and a star in the blue background.  No Texas quilt would be complete without a star, right?

Today I worked on the barbed wire panels.  There are two of these and I love the Texas fabric.  I hope you can zoom in on it and see the Alamo and the oil field, and the longhorns.  It's perfect for a Texas Snapshots quilt.

Next I will work on the 8 small applique blocks.  Not sure when I'll get to that.  I counted today and have approximately 12 days of quilting to complete the quilts I need to finish for customers before I leave to go to Missouri and I only have 11 days available to quilt.  I don't leave in 11 days, just have other commitments that are requiring my time so that leaves 11 days.  I thought I quit work to catch up.  What happened to that plan?


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