Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I'm sure you'll never guess what's on my design wall this week.  Yep, it's still the graduation quilt.  Good thing I started that quilt early.  In spite of all the places I've been the last couple of weeks. I am making progress on it.  I finally got the sawtooth border on and only have one more plain border and the top will be finished.  I'd show you a picture but the sleeping giant, aka Gregg is asleep on the couch and I can't hold the quilt and take the picture too.  Funny how he "never falls asleep in the evenings on the couch".  Hmmmm I guess that's those cushions making that snoring sound. Here's the picture without the borders though.

And I'm down to only 3 quilts left that have to be done before the Heart of Texas Quilt Show that's coming up in 10 days.    I think I'm gonna make it!  YAY!!

I also have some exciting news!  I gave notice at my part-time job yesterday and will soon be a full time quilter for you.  I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  So... help me out and spread the word that you know a great long arm quilter and she needs and wants your quilt tops to quilt.


  1. Great news Doris! That job was limiting your freedom to quilt and shop with us!

  2. YAY! We have been missing UFOs, Guild, and on this blog! I have a couple of quilts for you after the show.


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