Sunday, April 14, 2013


Did you wonder where I've been?  Well.... It all started with a whisper.  I think there is a song that goes like that.  Anyway it all started with my part-time job.  We have a HUGE contract we're bidding on for AT&T and the expectation was that I work full time until it's completion.  But wait a minute!  I'm part-time and I schedule my customers quilting with that part-time schedule in mind.  You can't take another 4 hours of my day away for that without notice and expect me to keep up.  I have a hard enough time keeping up as it is.  After a week and a "meeting of the minds" at work, I'm back to working part-time again.

Then there was the visit from my mother-in-law AND my mother, for a week, at the same time, which I thoroughly enjoyed but it contributed to my already lagging behind schedule.  And then there were golf matches, FFA Contests, and because I can't say "NO" there was also contract work for a local insurance rep that wanted me to  do a mailing for him.  And because he pays rather nicely... especially for Brownwood.... I said yes I would do it.  Oh yeah, and throw in the dreaded taxes.  This is the second year in a row I have waited until the last minute to figure my taxes.  And did I mention that I have a quilt or two (okay maybe quite a few more than that) to quilt?  I have had  numerous custom quilting requests lately for the up and coming Brownwood Quilt Show and that always throws a kink in my schedule because I'm not nearly as fast as I should be.  I like custom quilting and love seeing the finished work.  So... it is what it is.

But the good news is I only have 2 more quits that I have to have done for customers for the show and 2 for myself, and the show is only 10 days away.  Golf is over, my company has gone home, taxes are done, and contests are almost over too.  So relief is in sight.... right?!?  Doubt it, but I'm the optimistic type so we're going with that.   One thing about it, there's always activity at the Queen's Palace!

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