Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Ok, are you tired of quilt pictures from the quilt show yet?  I promise this is the last group of pictures from the 2013 quilt show.  No wait, no it isn't.  You know I love antique quilts and I still have to post about them.  These quilts are in no particular order, they are just quilts that caught my eye and I liked.

Joy Early made this Baltimore Album.  Joy does fabulous needle turn applique and it paid off for her.  She won Best of Show and Guild Choice.

  I love snowmen and this snowman quilt is so cute.  Mary Clendennon of Marble Falls  made this.  If my memory serves me correctly, I think it got 1st place in the Seasonal Quilt category. 

  My friend, and fellow blogger, Vickie  made this one.  I love the embroidery and applique together.  And of course the western theme.   It won a ribbon too, 3rd place in the Special Techniques category.

  Donna Swanger made this beauty, Amish With A Twist and I was privileged to quilt it.  It won 1st place in the large quilts category.
  One of the vendors, Katheleen with Stamps by Kate designed this quilt using her stamps, of course.  It was a winner too.... 3rd place in the medium quilts category.

  Mary Clendennon is always super busy making quilts, and she makes a lot of them.  This is Ruffled Roses and it won 3rd place in it's category.... I think.

  My friend Pauline McBride made this quilt for a wedding gift for her niece.  It's a modern, easy version of the double wedding ring pattern.  I was again privileged to be able to quilt it for her.

  This may look familiar to some of you but it's not my quilt.  I made my son Drew a similar one but this isn't it.  Guess who made this one... yep Mary Clendennon.  I told you she makes a lot of quilts. 
  And last, and certainly not least, is the sweet little churn dash quilt.   I love the embroidery in the center of each churn dash block.  And did you notice it's a miniature?  It's only about 12" x 18". 
I hope you enjoyed the quilts from the Quilt Show.  New year, plan to see the show in person.  It's always the last weekend in April.  Mark your calendar now.  It's the 10th anniversary and I think there are some special things planned to celebrate the milestone.

Sunday, April 28, 2013


Have you ever been to a bed turning?  I mean a real one at some one's house, like they used to do back in the day?  I have and it so cool.  But this time it was a bed turning at the Heart of Texas Quilt Show this past weekend.

Here are some of the quilts in the bed turning.  Be sure to read all the way to end.  There is a special treasure you won't want to miss.  I didn't post a picture of the first quilt in the bed turning.  It was a nine patch double knit quilt.  How many of you have one of those?  I've got more than one.  I hate them and so does William but Drew and Hollie fight over them.  They both love them.   Like it or not, they are still part of our quilt history and in 100 years, when we dig them out of the rubble, they will still be intact.  You can't wear them out!  A comment was made that they would make a great boat anchor.  I think I agree.  Sorry if you're a double knit quilt lover!

This southern belle sunbonnet sue is very nice.  This quiltmaker documented it by embroidery in the song books.  Look closely and you'll see.  She even designed the rose pattern that is quilted out on the quilt.

  This is an Eccentric Star and is made of period shirtings, probably from the late 1800's or early 1900's.  However the quilt wasn't quilted until the 50's or 60's, according to the quilt owner.

One of my all time favorites and on my bucket list.  A Double Wedding Ring from 30's feedsacks.  According to the quilt owner, it was made in the late 30's by her grandma but wasn't quilted until 1996 by her and her mother and a group of ladies.

  This fan quilt was made by Grandma Thomas from 30's and 40's feedsacks.  Sadly no one can remember Grandma Thomas' give name.  They only know her by Grandma Thomas.

I bet you saw this one and thought it was a Dresden plate.  Look closer, it's actually a fan block pieced in a circle to look like a Dresden plate.
A really neat scrappy bow tie quilt.  Those blocks are 3" blocks and there are 520 of them (I think that's the number she used).  Now that's a lot of bow ties.

This quilt had a funny story.  Sadie (not her real name) saw this quilt and wanted to make it when she was 12 years old in 1935.  Sadie's sister bought her the fabric to make the entire quilt.  (Back in 1935, during the depression, to spend the money to purchase fabric for an entire quilt was quite expensive.)  Sadly, Sadie only made 1 block and apparently lost interest or it was harder than she thought.  Anyway she put it away.  When the quilt owner took up quilting about 7 years ago, a relative of Sadie's drug it out of the closet and gave it to her to finish.  She has almost completed Sadie's project.  It just needs a binding now.  And now the grand finally!  This crazy quilt was made in 1885.  It is in pristine condition and according to the quilt owner has an appraised value of $18,000!!!!  I took close up photos of all the blocks but only shared a couple with you.  There are photos on the quilt (not sure if they are family members or maybe photos from tobacco sacks or something).  And one patch has hand painted flowers on it.  Did you know most crazy quilts have a spider embroidered on them for good luck? 

  This block had both embroidered flowers and painted flowers.

  Can you spy the spider?


Saturday, April 27, 2013


I'm home from the 9th Annual Heart of Texas Quilt Show and I'm exhausted, to say the least.  Here are some of the pictures and results.
My highest honor:  The Brownwood Mayor Steven Haynes chose my Texas Friendships Quilt as Mayor's Choice.  It also won 2nd place in the "Large Quilts Pieced and Machine Quilted" category.  I designed this quilt for the 2012 Quilt Across Texas Shop Hop for a shop sample for Front Porch Quilts in Benjamin TX.

This isn't my quilt but it is one of my best friend's quilt and I quilted it.  Donna Swanger's Amish With A Twist quilt won 1st place in the "Large Quilts Machine Pieced and Quilted" category.

This is a quilt top dad bought at a flea market in El Dorado Springs MO for $15.  He brought to me and I took it the ladies at Denton United Methodist Church to have it hand quilted.  Dad called this the Quarter Quilt because he said that is what grandma Cotton called them.  He said she said the pieces were the size of a quarter, and they really are.  The correct pattern name is "Field of Diamonds".  It won 3rd place in the Large Quilts Hand quilted category.
  I named this quilt the Cotton Eyed Joe from the verse in the center of the quilt.  When I made this quilt, I actually made 3 at one time; one for me, one for a donation quilt for the FFA Valentine Auction, and one for a friend.  This one won 3rd place in the appliqued quilt, machine quilted category.

  I finished this quilt on Wednesday evening, very late but just in time to enter it in the show on Thursday afternoon.  I embroidered the center blocks in 2011 and finally put it together in 2012.  It won 2nd place in the Holiday Quilts category.

 And my final quilt for the evening is the antique quilt I purchased at a flea market in Lamar MO.  My quilt wasn't the bargain dad got on the Quarter Quilt but still not a bad buy.  The pattern is called Orange Peel and it won 2nd Place in the Antique Quilts category.
I still have more quilt show pictures to post and I have the bed turning quilts to post. 

Friday, April 26, 2013


I just love quilt shows.  I'm always so inspired by them.  I love seeing what other people are doing, what fabrics they're using, how they are designing them, and how they are quilted.  I especially love seeing the quilting and usually get ideas for quilting.  But I also love shopping with the vendors at the quilt show and really like shopping at the Guild Stash Booth.  Look at the bargains I got at the Stash Booth.
I got these panels plus about 3 times more than what is shown for only $2.00 and you know how much I love red, white, and blue Americana themed fabric and quilts.

And I got these pillowcase kits (actually there are 3 of them instead of 2) for only $5 each.  The border fabric is 90" long so I may use it in a quilt for a border and use the fabric in the quilt.  And then again I might make the pillowcases and use them for Quilts of Valor. 
  And then I purchased these two panels from Ruby's Gone Quilting's booth.  Once again I'm a sucker for panels and red, white, and blue.  No bargains here, just more in my stash!

And lastly, for today anyway, who can resist quilter's candy, aka fat quarters.  Yep, they are red, white and blue too!  I didn't plan it that way, it just happened.  Kind of a bargain, only paid $1.50 for most of them at the booth Front Porch Quilts from Benjamin TX.  I just love those girls at Front Porch Quilts.  They are so much fun to be around.


Saturday, April 20, 2013


I took these pictures last month while at the Houston Stock Show and Rodeo.  I wasn't able to post them because of the lousy internet at the Hotel and when I got home, I hit the ground running and don't think I've stopped yet.  I didn't quilt any of these, I only drooled over them and aspire to be this good one day!  Sooo, I hope you enjoy the show! 



Thursday, April 18, 2013


This quilt brings back childhood memories of dresses worn in a younger year.  I just love it.  My friend Marcella from Brownwood made this and I quilted it.  It is so adorable.  Marcella is donating this quilt to the Brownwood Quilter's Guild WeeCare Fundraiser project at the Heart of Texas Quilt Show Friday, April 26th and Saturday, April 27th at the Brownwood Coliseum .  Be sure to come see this one and all the wonderful quilts on display at the quilt show. 


Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I'm sure you'll never guess what's on my design wall this week.  Yep, it's still the graduation quilt.  Good thing I started that quilt early.  In spite of all the places I've been the last couple of weeks. I am making progress on it.  I finally got the sawtooth border on and only have one more plain border and the top will be finished.  I'd show you a picture but the sleeping giant, aka Gregg is asleep on the couch and I can't hold the quilt and take the picture too.  Funny how he "never falls asleep in the evenings on the couch".  Hmmmm I guess that's those cushions making that snoring sound. Here's the picture without the borders though.

And I'm down to only 3 quilts left that have to be done before the Heart of Texas Quilt Show that's coming up in 10 days.    I think I'm gonna make it!  YAY!!

I also have some exciting news!  I gave notice at my part-time job yesterday and will soon be a full time quilter for you.  I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  So... help me out and spread the word that you know a great long arm quilter and she needs and wants your quilt tops to quilt.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Have you seen the Five Minute Block or the Ten Minute Block yet?  They are really neat and soo easy to do.  I gave a demo on them this evening at Razzle Dazzle Quilt Group Meeting and my demo only took 15 minutes.  Just kidding, but it was a really short demo.  A huge thank you to Angela at Quilts With A Heart for loaning me her samples to show.   You can see a video on youtube on how to make the Five Minute Block and the Ten Minute Block.  I'm telling you they are so easy!    Here are some of the pics of the samples.

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