Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I don't think I'm ever going to finish this graduation quilt.  It seems like I have been working on this forever.  I'm making progress, just not very fast progress.  It's a good thing I started this early; which is completely out of character for me!  I'm a last minute, fly by the seat of your pants kinda girl!  Just ask mom.  She always told me if I didn't have a deadline I wouldn't get anything done and I have to admit she's pretty close to right.  Every once in a while I throw a curve ball but it's not often.  I wouldn't want to send the whole world into shock all the time.

So here's to progress on the graduation quilt.  I'm working on the sawtooth borders next.  I sure hope she likes it.  William burst my bubble with it.  He told me teenage girls don't like pale pastel colors.  They like bright bold colors.  He did say it was a pretty quilt if you were an old lady.  I personally thought it looked young and whimsical and would be perfect for a teenager for graduation.  I'm going to finish it and make my decision later.  If I have time I might make another one out of bright colors (and a more modern pattern) or I just might give this one to her anyway.  I'm sure she will like it, she may just rather have a brighter colored one better.  What do you think?  If you have a teenage daughter or granddaughter, ask them their opinion.



  1. Sometimes it seems as though we sew ourselves to the moon and back, doesn't it? Beautiful quilt.

    1. It is beautiful Doris. Both of my granddaughters would love it. They are 18 & 16.

  2. Rhonda's oldest daughter and Lesley middle son are graduating from high school, then Lesley oldest will finish law school. I have Abby's MU quilt done, Alec's Camo is not quilted but have it ready to take to the quilter. Luke's fabric is still on the cutting table. Sure wish you were still here, I would be bringing you some tops to quilt for me. :(

  3. I love that quilt! I have granddaughters who are 23 and 20. They would love that quilt! The design makes the colors young. It would also be lovely in bright colors if you decide to make a second quilt.


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