Monday, March 18, 2013


One of my customers, who shall remain anonymous as this time, made this quilt for a graduation gift.  I don't think she or her daughter read my blog but just in case I won't mention any names.  I just love it.  It's a little different than most of the t-shirt quilts I get in to quilt. 

Oops, the picture of the "Texan" is upside down - but only in the pictures. He's right side up on the quilt.  I quilted him in a dark purple thread and then changed colors to an orchid thread and quilted a small stipple in the background.  The frame around the Texan and the Boot is quilted with the orchid thread.

And the same for this boot about being upside down.  I quilted the opposite for these blocks.  I quilted the boot in orchid and the small stipple in the dark purple.   

I also used dark purple to quilt a meander on the t-shirts and this pattern in the setting triangles.


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  1. Oh My! What a beautiful t-shirt quilt. Love the quilting in the blocks.


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