Thursday, February 14, 2013


It's a miracle, but it's DONE!!!! I feel like it's been on my quilting machine forever.  Oh wait, it has been forever.  Well maybe not forever, but it has been 10 days.  Thankfully I haven't been able to work on it all of those 10 days, otherwise I would go broke.  I do however have about 36-40 hours in it.  I kind of lost tract so it maybe more than that but minimum is 36 hours.  However, in my opinion, it looks amazing.  I just love it.  I sure hope my customer Pam in Benjamin TX feels the same way.

A huge thank you to Nancy at Wasatch Quilting for designing the pattern for the star and the pebbles for the background.  All the stars are stitched with a coordinating glide thread.

I used the Elegant Feather from TK Quilting for the outer border and Curlz and Pearls from Wasatch Quilting for the second border and stitched it with Glide Aquamarine thread.


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