Saturday, February 16, 2013


I have been working on the quilt/bedspread for my granddaughter Raleigh and sent her a teaser for Valentines' Day.  I made the pillowcase to match it and sent it to her.  She got the package a couple of days ago. Her momma has also requested that I make her some kitchen curtains and today I bought the fabric for them.  I sent Hollie a picture of the fabric. 

Raleigh is obviously getting very anxious for me to get her quilt finished.  Her momma sent me the following message ".... she wants to know when are you going to get her blanket done? in fact, when she was praying last nite she mentioned you, "help nana to make my blanket and curtains CAUSE I NEED NEW ONES!!! and help her make those curtains for kitchen like mom wants" i guess God really does answer prayers hahaha!!!" 

I thought it was hilarious!  I can just hear her saying all that and with such sincerity! 

Then I got a second message from Hollie that says "...she really likes praying and is verrry curious about God these days. When I pray, I usually say something like, "help our friends and family walk closer with you, Lord" so she says, "God help everyone walk, or drive their car, or ride their bike, and get safely across the street"

Oh I just love that little girl and miss her sooo much.  Maybe she knows her Nana better than I thought... I'm sure I need help walking sometimes or driving my car and getting safely across the street.


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