Thursday, February 28, 2013


On Tuesday I loaded a quilt that a group of ladies are donating to the Pregnancy Care Center.  I had a new quilting pattern that I had recently purchased and haven't used yet.  I thought it would look lovely on this quilt so I decided to use it.  After the first pass across the quilt and using 2 bobbins, I realized I might not have enough thread to finish it since there were 8 passes total.  That would be at least 16 bobbins!  Usually a quilt of this size takes 5-7 bobbins, depending on the pattern.  I'm so frustrated with myself.  I could have chosen a simple, fast stitching pattern that I would have plenty of thread to finish it with and move on to the next quilt.  But oh no, over achiever Doris had to try something new and pretty. 

Anyway, I quickly went online and ordered another spool of thread.  Usually when I order from this supplier, located in Dallas, they ship it out the next day and I get it the following day; which would have been today.  And just as predicted, I ran out of thread, with 1 1/2 passes left to quilt about 10:30 a.m. this morning.  Not to worry, my thread would be here when the US Mail is delivered later today, much later today.  I don't usually get my mail until sometimes as late as 4:30 - 5:00 p.m.  Kinda late but I can still finish the quilt if I work late this evening.

So while I was waiting for my thread to be delivered, I made this.

  Remember the blog post from yesterday when I said I cut out month 1 project of Little Jo's Club.  Well this is it.  I didn't expect to be able to sew it together so soon but I did.  I really like it.  Not sure what I'm going to do with such a small quilt as it's only 18" x 18".  Those are some small blocks, 36 to be exact.  It's called a utility block but is also known as a square in a square block.  I think it took me longer to cut it out than it did to piece it together.  Well, maybe not, but close.  It was a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to the next month's project. 
Meanwhile back to waiting on the thread.  And guess what?  The mail delivered and of course, no thread.  Guess tomorrow I'll work on the graduation quilt I cut out or my UFO for February.  Wait, February is over and it's on to March.  Too bad I missed that February UFO deadline.  I really didn't want to finish that one anyway.  I'll tell you about it tomorrow in my March UFO post.


Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I managed to make it to my UFO group today and accomplished quite a bit.  I took a couple of BOM blocks to sew together that I had cut out but I failed to load my sewing machine so I'm not sure how I thought I was going to sew them up.  I debated about even taking my sewing machine since I only had a couple of blocks to sew.  I guess my subconscious was working.  I had intentions of cutting out the first project in my Little Jo's Club and cutting out a kit that I bought quite some time ago for a graduation quilt I need in May.  I almost got it all done.  I cut out the first project for Little Jo's Club and I got the blocks cut out for the graduation quilt.  The border is a pieced border but I didn't get it cut out yet. 

This is the pattern for the graduation quilt.  It looks like it has curved seams but it doesn't.  It's called Boardwalk by Fig Tree & Co.

And this is the blocks that are cut out for it.  At least I can start piecing the blocks. 
What is on your design wall?  Are you working on a WIP (work in progress)?  Leave me a comment and tell me what you're working on.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I finished 2 quilts for Joy at A Joyful Soul Fabrics.  I think she told me she has kits available for both of them at the Dallas Quilt Show in 2 weeks. 

Joy used precut strips and some yardage to make this Shoreline Strip Quilt. 

I quilted the nautical e2e pattern with silver thread.
  I love this Dizzie Lizzie quilt.  It shouts spring and I'm ready for some spring weather!  It is such a bright, cheery, fun quilt.  Joy will add a final ric rac to the curvy top and bottom section when she gets it back. 
 I quilted a flowers and butterflies e2e pattern in the strip section at the top and bottom with Glide Key Lime thread.  You really can't see it too well here though.

  Aren't these flowers so fun!  I love the way Joy did some fussy cutting on them.  I echo quilted in the flowers and quilted a fun little loopy circle flower in the very center of the flowers

 And the bird too.  It's it neat how the pattern in the fabric looks like wings.

  A meander background finishes this quilt out.


Sunday, February 24, 2013


Another busy week again. One of these times I'm going to report that it was a boring week with nothing going on.... doubt it though.  I don't foresee a boring week in my future for a very long time.  I wouldn't mind that it were a little more quiet than it is now.  Oh well, back to the stash report.  I failed to report a yard of fabric from last week.  I completely forgot as I put it in my project bag at the store (saving a sack) and found it when I was working on the block in the project bag.  I made the backing for Raleigh's quilt, finished the quilt top (but didn't count the yardage for the piano keys till now), made 3 jewelry pouches, and cut the binding for Raleigh's quilt.

Used this week:  8.625 yards
Used this year to date:  43.625 yards

Added this week:  1 yard
Added this week to date:  19.875 yards

Net used in 2013 - 23.75 yards

How is your stash busting coming along.  Leave me a comment and let me know how it's going.

Saturday, February 23, 2013


In my excitement of Hollie's great news and my exhaustion and thawing process from the golf match yesterday, I forgot to post the winner from last week's FREEBIE FRIDAY POST.  The winner of the God Bless Texas Quilt Pattern is knitnoid . Congratulations to you!!

This weeks goodies are some things I received in the mail today from American Quiltmaker Magazine. There is a package of stabilizer, a charm pack from Andover Fabrics, a fat quarter from Free Spirit Fabrics, and a safety pin pouch from Moda.  I really wanted to keep them for myself but knew you would want to win them too.  Leave me a comment and tell me what you would use one of these things for.  One lucky winner will get all of them.


Thursday, February 21, 2013


Lisa A at the Scrappy Quilter in Schertz TX is going to be so excited to get her quilt back.  Or at least I think she is :)  It is a beautiful quilt and I really like how it turned out. 

Isn't the quilt holder a handsome young man!

Piano keys in the outer border and an oriental border in the gold border quilted with Sand Glide Thread

I quited a block pattern from the Asian Gardens package by

 I extracted and created my own pattern from the oriental border to quilt in the chains. 
And I quilted the star flowers pearls border from Wasatch Quilting. 

Here's a shot of the back.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


  I'm trying to come up with a block for my "Quilted Angels Online Quilt Club" February block challenge.  The theme is Home is Where the Heart Is.  I really didn't want a house with a heart on the door.  That's the first thing that came to my mind and obviously would probably be the easiest and quickest.  But... oh no, not me.  When I am really pressed for time, how about I pick a block that has to be paper pieced.  Nothing quick or easy about that!  I found this on Pinterest.  It screams me, just because it's red, white, and blue.

Heart and Home paper pieced quilt block by PieceByNumberQuilts, $3.00I also found this on Pinterest and this is actually what I had in mind but I think I need to modify it a bit.  I want my house to be bigger and I don't think I need the moon and star.  Looks like I need to work on this in EQ7.  

Which one do you like best?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Today was Quilt Guild Tuesday.  I belong to 2 different guilds and one meets in the morning and the other meets in the evening.  My morning guild had a "make and take" day today.  Marcella is so creative and organized the whole thing.  She had little make and take stations that you could make a frog pincushion/scissors holder, a flowerpot pincushion/thread holder, a sweetheart needle organizer, a sloop bag, a star pincushion, and a drawstring jewelry pouch (which I taught).    She had fabulous door prizes all day and the grand prize was on Oleso Iron.  You got to put your name in the drawing just for attending and then your name in each time you completed one of the projects.  You also got your name in the drawing for every WeeCare quilt you brought and every CPS bag you brought (our guild charity projects).   Since I was teaching, I didn't get to make any of the projects but I did get the kits for them to make later.  I did get 3 jewelry pouches made needed for my demo and now I can use them for graduation gifts.  It was a great day visiting and sewing; my favorite "F" words, food, fun, friends.  Unfortunately, I didn't take a single picture all day and darn it, I didn't win the iron either.  Congratulations to LaTrelle for winning the iron though.

Then this evening, Connie's program was making "Dammit Dolls" and she gave us this cute little verse to go with them.  And nope, no pictures this evening either!  Here's the verse:

Whenever things don't go so well
And you want to hit the wall and yell
Here's a little dammit doll
That you can't do without
Just grasp it firmly by the legs
And find a place to slam it
And as you whack the stuffing out
Yell "Dammit, dammit, dammit"!

It's been a long, wonderful day and tomorrow it's back to all those quilts waiting on me to quilt.

Sunday, February 17, 2013


It was another busy week quilting but I managed to squeeze in some time to work on Raleigh's curtains.  Well.... I cut them out... does that count?  It counted for fabric used.  :)  I also pieced a backing for the WeeCare Charity Quilt but it doesn't look like I'm going to get it quilted before the Guild meeting on Tuesday.  We'll see.  I made my quilt delivery run to Buda TX and you know if I'm in a quilt shop, I'm going to be adding yardage.  I bought 8 fat quarters and they all have a specific purpose.  Not bad for me.

Used this week:  2.5 yards
Used this year in 2013:  35 yards

Added this week:  2 yards
Added this year in 2013:  18.875 yards

Net used in 2013:  16.125 yards

How is your stash busting coming along?  Leave me a comment and let me know.

Saturday, February 16, 2013


I have been working on the quilt/bedspread for my granddaughter Raleigh and sent her a teaser for Valentines' Day.  I made the pillowcase to match it and sent it to her.  She got the package a couple of days ago. Her momma has also requested that I make her some kitchen curtains and today I bought the fabric for them.  I sent Hollie a picture of the fabric. 

Raleigh is obviously getting very anxious for me to get her quilt finished.  Her momma sent me the following message ".... she wants to know when are you going to get her blanket done? in fact, when she was praying last nite she mentioned you, "help nana to make my blanket and curtains CAUSE I NEED NEW ONES!!! and help her make those curtains for kitchen like mom wants" i guess God really does answer prayers hahaha!!!" 

I thought it was hilarious!  I can just hear her saying all that and with such sincerity! 

Then I got a second message from Hollie that says "...she really likes praying and is verrry curious about God these days. When I pray, I usually say something like, "help our friends and family walk closer with you, Lord" so she says, "God help everyone walk, or drive their car, or ride their bike, and get safely across the street"

Oh I just love that little girl and miss her sooo much.  Maybe she knows her Nana better than I thought... I'm sure I need help walking sometimes or driving my car and getting safely across the street.


Friday, February 15, 2013


Congratulations to Gwen, comment #15.   The random number generator picked #15 from last week's comments.  I tried to figure out how to post the random number generator box but was unsuccessful.  I'll have to work on that.  Gwen wins the 3 charm packs.  Gwen please email me with your address so I can send them to you.

This week's FREEBIE FRIDAY giveaway is a pattern that I designed.  It's called God Bless Texas.  Now, I know you have to be a Texan to appreciate this but if you're the lucky winner, maybe you're a true Texan or maybe you know someone who is that would appreciate it.

I designed this pattern for my husband, who is a true Texan.  He was born in Canyon Texas but moved to Missouri with his family when he as 1 1/2 years old.  He was raised in Missouri but the old saying "once a Texan, always a Texan" holds true for him.  He has always put Texas on a pedestal and is a die hard UT (University of Texas) fan.  He was so happy to move back to Texas 7 years ago. There are 3 sizes in the pattern; wall hanging, lap, and queen.

Leave me a comment and tell me if you're a true Texan.  I'll draw a winner next Thursday evening and announce the winner on next week's FREEBIE FRIDAY. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013


It's a miracle, but it's DONE!!!! I feel like it's been on my quilting machine forever.  Oh wait, it has been forever.  Well maybe not forever, but it has been 10 days.  Thankfully I haven't been able to work on it all of those 10 days, otherwise I would go broke.  I do however have about 36-40 hours in it.  I kind of lost tract so it maybe more than that but minimum is 36 hours.  However, in my opinion, it looks amazing.  I just love it.  I sure hope my customer Pam in Benjamin TX feels the same way.

A huge thank you to Nancy at Wasatch Quilting for designing the pattern for the star and the pebbles for the background.  All the stars are stitched with a coordinating glide thread.

I used the Elegant Feather from TK Quilting for the outer border and Curlz and Pearls from Wasatch Quilting for the second border and stitched it with Glide Aquamarine thread.

Monday, February 11, 2013


The FFA Donation Quilt I've been working on for The FFA Booster Club Valentine's Dance was finished just in time for the Silent Auction Saturday Night. 

Unfortunaley, in my haste, I failed to take pictures of the finished quilt.  I might be able to get one later as I know the successful bidder.  I used a Superior Thread called Honey on most of the quilt to quilt it and a Red Superior Thread to quilt the rest.  There are horseshoes in the outer border, stars, barbed wire, cross hatching, and Texas stars quilted on the middle of the quilt.  I was very pleased with the outcome. 

It brought $500 during the live auction, a nice sum of money for the Booster Club.  Many thanks to Domingo Perez at Diamond P Enterprises Inc. (and my boss at my part-time job) for winning the bid on it.  The proceeds from the quilt, as well as the proceeds for the other items donated for the silent auction will be used for scholarships for the FFA  kids.  The Silent Auctin was also a great success.  A huge thank you to all the folks who helped set up,  bought tickets for the steak dinner/dance, donated items, and bid on items.  We couldn't do it without you. Thank you for investing in our kids.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Not much sewing this week again, only quilting and playing the role of mom.  The custom quilting on the monster large quilt I'm working on for Pam at Front Porch Quilts in Benjamin is kicking my tail.  It is taking forever but it is looking amazing!  I can't wait to finish it to show you.  William had a golf match on Monday and Friday and Saturday was spent preparing for the FFA Booster Club Fundraiser Valentine Dance - which was a huge success and this week starts off with another golf match on Monday.

Used this week:  1.25 yards
Used this year to date:  32.5 yards

Added this week:  0 yards
Added this year to date:  16.875 yards
Net used in 2013:  15.625 yards

How is your stash busting coming along?  Leave me a comment and let me know. 


Friday, February 8, 2013


It's finally here, FREEBIE FRIDAY!  And here's how it works.  Every Friday, I will post a "freebie" I'm going to give away.  It might be a pattern, a gift certificate, fabric, precuts, gadgets... whatever I decide to give away.   I might even give a quilt away.  You just never know but you have to check each Friday to see what it is.  To enter to win, all you have to do is leave me a comment about whatever it is that I ask about.  On the following Thursday evening, I will generate a random number and whoever's comment matches that number wins the "freebie".  Be sure your name is attached to the comment.  I can't give it away to "anonymous". 

The first "freebie" is 3 charm packs from Darlene Zimmerman's Clothes Line Closet fabric line.  There are 23 five inch squares in each pack.  Leave me a comment about whether or not you have  made a quilt or project using 30's prints and what it was.

Don't forget to leave me a comment and good luck. 

Thursday, February 7, 2013


It isn't every day that you can watch a music video with sewing/quilting/embroidery footage in it. 

They quote "Is this the first music video made exclusively with embroidery and sewing implements? I’m gambling yes. Directed, filmed, and produced by Christophe Thockler the clip uses 10,000 photographs of needles, thread, cloth and embroidery, mixed with clever lighting techniques to produce a fun video for Favorite Place, the latest track by US pop rock band Black Books." 

I think I would have to agree.  I'm betting this is the first music video made exclusively with embroidery and sewing implements also.  It's pretty impressive in my opinion. 

Click on the link and see for yourself. 

"Favorite Place" Video by Black Books 

Remember FREEBIE FRIDAY is coming.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


It is amazing that I even have anything on my design wall this week.  No sewing going on here, just custom quilting.  But in the mornings before I leave for my job away from home, I usually have about 20 minutes to spare and I usually go into my sewing room and work on something.  I realize I COULD do a little house cleaning but what fun is that?  I'd much rather sew.  So this is what I have been working on.

It is my snowman for the January Let it Snow theme for my Quilted Angels online quilt club.  What is on your design wall?  Leave me a comment and let me know. 

Just 2 days left till FREEBIE FRIDAY.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


One of these days I'm going to learn to say the word "NO" but it wasn't when my friend and customer Joy called me and asked me to quilt this quilt that she had made for the American Heart Association "Gala" later this month.  I didn't realize when I said yes that I would be donating it.  Of course, if I had thought it through, I would have realized it would be a donation.  I just wasn't thinking!  And I don't mind doing donations like this because it's a worthy cause but the timing was not the greatest in the world.  I already had the FFA Donation Quilt on my plate and the 3 challenge quilts for the gals in Benjamin TX for their quilt show that is next weekend, plus a customer quilt for Ruby in Lubbock and a shop sample for the Scrappy Quilter in Schertz TX and Raleigh's quilt that she knows I'm suppose to be working on.  And then there's William's golf matches that have started and are once a week and did I mention that I haven't put my Christmas decorations up yet.  I did get the tree put up but the decorations and ornaments are laying in a pile on the buffet and the church pew.  And I can't remember the last time I cleaned house, not that that would happen even if I didn't have all this other stuff to do.  :)  
   Someone from the Heart Association gave Joy the t-shirts from the last 9 years.  She set them together with a heart fabric and added the borders. 

I quilted the outer border with "Heart Throb" from House of Creations with a white Signature thread.

I also quilted hearts in another border on the top and bottom and hearts in the narrow black border.  I quilted a panograph across the the t-shirts  called "Hearts One" from Wasatch Quilting in red signature thread.
I'm anxious to see how well the quilt does in their silent auction.  I hope it brings lots of donation money for them. 
Don't forget to check in on Friday for "FREEBIE FRIDAY" and see what it's all about.

Sunday, February 3, 2013


What a busy week and lots of sewing going on.  I finished Raleigh's Valentine quilt and pillowcase, finished the FFA Donation Quilt top and have it quilted, made 2 blocks in the new BOM, and 2 blocks in the Americana Stars BOM.  That makes my usage look pretty darn good this week. 

Used this week:  12.375 yards
Used this year to date:  31.25 yards

Added this week: 0 yards
Added this year to date:  16.875 yards

Net used in 2013 - 14.375 yards

How is your stash busting coming along?  Leave me a comment and tell me about it.  And be sure and check back in throughout the week.  Freebie Friday is coming and so are the details. 

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Wow, where did January go?  It flew by but I still managed to finish my January UFO.  It was the house quilt.  I really like the way the border turned out. 

How did you do with your January UFO Challenge?  Did you work on it or maybe even finish it?  Are you ready for the February UFO Challenge?  The number to work on in February is

 My UFO #6 is the Double Wedding Ring Wall Hanging.  This is my oldest UFO.  I started it about 20 years ago.  I know it's at least 18 years old as my husband and I have been married 18 years and I started this at least 1-2 years before we were married.  I dug it out and after looking at it for awhile, I'm not sure I even want to finish it.  The verdict is still out.  If I don't work on it, I'll pick another UFO not on my posted list.  Yes, I know it's hard to believe I would have more than 12 UFO's! 

Now get busy!  I want to hear about your accomplishments next month.


Friday, February 1, 2013


I just finished my January UFO a couple of weeks ago and guess what, I started another one.  It's all Angela's fault.  Her online Quilted Angels Quilt Club is doing a 6 month mystery with prizes.  Tomorrow I will post the February UFO Challenge # and pictures of the finished UFO quilt top.

Here are the fabrics I'm using to do mine.  It's a fat quarter bundle and extra fabric for the borders.  I purchased it 4-5 years ago so it's about time I used it.  The fabric line is Delilah.

And here are the first months blocks.  They are 9" blocks.
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