Sunday, January 13, 2013


I didn't use as much from my stash as I had hoped but I did use a little.  I was at a retreat this weekend but got off to a late start getting there due to William showing in the Brown County Youth Fair and then while I was there I left to go to a "business meeting" with my Statler Stitcher Sibs (for those of you who don't know, that's just other friends who also own Statler Stitcher machines) and then left a little earlier today from the retreat than planned due to the fact that Jan (my partner in crime and traveling buddy) wasn't feeling well and she needed to be home in her own bed.  And for all those grammar people reading this, I know you're kringing as that previous sentence was probably the longest sentence you've read in a while.

Anyway... here's how it breaks down.

Used this week:  7.875 yards
Used 2013 year to date:  9.125 yards

Added this week:  6.625 yards
Added 2013 to date:  6.625 yards

Net used in 2013:  2.5 yards

 How is your stash busting coming along?  Click on the link below to tell us about it.


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