Thursday, January 17, 2013


I've been cruising the Internet this evening and I found this really cool site. Well, I thought it was anyway. It's called .  I had no idea there were so many quilting blogs out there.  I should have known, I just never really thought about it.  They give you a teaser of what the blog post is about and you can click to see the full post or you can scroll on down to the next one until you find an interesting one. 

And then I also found this.  Aren't quilters the best people?  This quilter has done all the hard work for us.  She lists her top 20 Quilting Blogs.  Now a few of them wouldn't have been my choice but several are and a couple are resource type blogs too.  I love it. 

Hope you find something you like or that inspires you too.

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