Friday, January 4, 2013


I bet you could have hear William hoop and hollar when he got a text on his phone early this morning saying school had been cancelled.  That boy was so excited!  I didn't realize school had been cancelled when I looked out and thought to myself he is going to be so disappointed. There is no way it has snowed enough to call off school.  Darn I hate it when I'm wrong. This is all I saw.

Well sorry, blogger won't give me the option to add photos when I click on the "add photos button". 

Of course, where I'm from, there is no way school would have been cancelled.  I swear it could have snowed a foot and we still went to school.  But then again, we had snow plows and equipment to clear the roads.  And when there was a forecast for snow, we didn't flock to the grocery store or Walmart to "stock up on necessitites".  I found out the hard way to steer clear of those places when they forecast snow.  It's absolutely crazy!

The snow was almost gone by noon and by mid afternoon almost completely gone.  However, someone (or several someones) found enough snow to make this snow family.  These snowmen are HUGE!  They must be 8-10' tall.  Yes, 8-10'.  Maybe I can edit the post tomorrow and you'll get to see the pictures.



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