Monday, January 14, 2013


I'm curios, has anyone tried to leave a comment or tried to use the link box?  I haven't had a comment on my blog for quite some time and so far no one has used the new link box on a couple of posts.  Is it working?  I have never received "tons" of comments but I usually get a few every now and then.  If love to get comments.  It makes me feel like I'm talking to someone and not just to myself, which I do a lot of.  I even answer myself sometimes too!  :)  Just wondering if anyone is out there.


  1. I'm here!when you sell patterns, is your blog site a part of your contact information? I would start offering contests, too. I.e. share your latest UFO for a chance to win fat quarters or a pattern, etc every Friday

  2. If there are more like me then the holidays wore us down, we got sick and are just now starting to feel better and realize we must focus on getting taxes done before any real playing can begin. I have been skimming blogs but I admit that I haven't been leaving many comments lately - maybe next month I can do better - I really enjoy reading your blog

  3. I drop by every now and then just to see what you are up to.
    Melinda in Rotan


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