Friday, December 28, 2012


Well, another Christmas has gone down in the history books.  We have just returned home from a week long visit/vacation in Missouri.  And like I said last year, I'll say it again this year "as always, it is never long enough but is sure is great to be back home."

This Christmas seemed a little empty without our daughter Hollie, her husband Kyle and our bright ray of sunshine Raleigh.  I think it seemed a little different in Japan for them too.   But we all are trying to make the best of the situation and opportunity for them.  We Skyped with them on Christmas morning and again that evening with the whole extended family.

My mom had the idea to get Raleigh a small 4' prelit tree for her and have everyone bring an ornament for it.  Then when we Skype with her, everyone hang their ornament on the tree, repeating each year for the next 3 years.  When Raleigh returns back to the states, she will have a decorated Christmas tree for her room.  I'm not sure she grasped the whole idea this year but I feel certain she will in the years to come. 

When I return from a trip home this time of year, it always gets me to thinking about the proverbial New Year's resolutions.  On one hand I love them and on the other hand I hate them but I make them faithfully every year.  However, in my more recent years, I prefer to think of them as "goals" rather than "resolutions".  Do you make resolutions or goals?  Stay tuned and I'll share mine in the next few days.

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