Thursday, December 20, 2012


I sent my sweet little granddaughter, Raleigh in Japan a Hello Kitty Gingerbread house kit.  Raleigh loves doing "projects" and it would have been something she and my mom would have loved to do together.  I would love to help her do her "project" too but she and Grandma Cotten did a lot of "projects" together.  Grandma Cotten was in the same town as Hollie and Raleigh and Nana (me) was 3 states away in Texas.  Now we're all an ocean or two away!  :(

Anyway, here are some pictures Hollie sent me of she and Raleigh putting the gingerbread house together.

Raleigh is so excited to get started!

 I love this look on her face.  I've seen it more than once!  She and momma decided that things weren't going quite as easy as it looked and since they weren't going to eat it, they got the super glue out to help it go together.  Grandma Cotten thinks maybe the icing might have been too thin!

 Pretty cute little Hello Kitty Gingerbread House and momma reports there's a pretty big mess to go along with it.  Raleigh had a great time though.  Sure am glad Nana sent this.

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