Saturday, December 29, 2012


William gave my blog a new face lift.  He wants to go into computer graphics design in college and is practicing on me.  I think he did a great job.  He's going to work on my website next.   He told me I owed him for his worked.  I told him interns don't get paid at the Quilting Queen's workplace.  He also wants me to make my own youtube channel.  Does he realize I can barely get this blogging thing done.  When does he think I will have time to create videos for youtube?

If you need a new face lift for your blog or website, give him a shot.  He's cheap or maybe I should say inexpensive, quick, and creative.  He may not work for you as cheap as he worked for me but in all reality, mine was probably more expensive than yours would be.  After all, I feed and cloth him!


  1. It looks great. Will you please tell him that as soon as he finishes my greenhouse, I need for him to teach me to use Photoshop!

    Seriously, folks seem to charge a whole lot for creating blogs and most have a long backlog.

  2. It's lovely....he did a wonderful job!


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