Monday, December 31, 2012


Ok, so how sad is it that I'm posting on my blog on New Years Eve instead of leading an exciting fun filled night?  Never mind, don't answer that.   Even my retired parents had New Year's Eve plans that included dining and dancing!

Meanwhile back to the New Year's Resolutions... I told you I prefer to think of them as goals rather than New Year's resolutions.  And as one friend pointed out on her facebook post, She calls them New Year's Revelations as something that keeps going because resolution are at a stand still.  I still like goals.  So, here is my 2013 goals:
  1. Work on at least 1 UFO each month
  2. Eat healthy and exercise more.  Notice I didn't say lose weight.  I'm hoping that will come with eating healthy and exercising more. I certainly didn't lose any weight in 2012 so maybe there's hope in 2013.
  3. Do more RAK (random acts of kindness).  Although I consider myself somewhat kind, I feel there is more I can do to be "kinder".  I could make a list of things that I could do but then they wouldn't be random (thus RAK's).  The world could use a little kindness and I want to do my part.
  4. Be more "green" (for lack of a better terminology).  I want to eat out less, cook more using less "box or convenience items", take my "green" bags to the store, use less disposable plastic, recycle cans, papers, etc.  You get the idea, I think.
What are your New Year's Resolutions/Goals/Revelations?  Whatever they are, I hope 2013 is a happy, healthy, and blessed New Year for you and your family.

Sunday, December 30, 2012


This is the last Sunday Stash Stats of 2012.  Can you believe it?  It's been a whole year of stash reporting?   I didn't use anything this week because of Christmas but I didn't report the week before so I do have reporting to do.

Used this week:  4.375 yards
Used this year 2012 to date:  212 yards

Added this week:  0 yard
Added this year 2012 to date: 198.5 yards

Net used in 2012:  13.5 yards

It's not as much as I had hoped for for the year but since I've never kept track of my usage and given the fact that I don't have a huge stash (by comparison to most of my quilting friends), I don't think it's too bad. 

How was your stash busting?  Is it what you had hoped for?  Click on over to and see how others are doing with their stash busting. 

Want to join us in stash busting in 2013?  It's easy to do.  You don't have to inventory your stash to start out with. Starting Jan. 1st, just keep track of what you use from your stash or what you add to your stash.  If you lose track, it's no big deal.  Just like the UFO Challenge, there are no quilt police so no one is coming after you if you don't participate each week or if you forget or count something twice.  It's up to you. 

I use a spreadsheet in Excel to keep track of mine.  It looks like this.

Week #




Used to date


Added to date



















I hope you join us and have fun with it.

Saturday, December 29, 2012


William gave my blog a new face lift.  He wants to go into computer graphics design in college and is practicing on me.  I think he did a great job.  He's going to work on my website next.   He told me I owed him for his worked.  I told him interns don't get paid at the Quilting Queen's workplace.  He also wants me to make my own youtube channel.  Does he realize I can barely get this blogging thing done.  When does he think I will have time to create videos for youtube?

If you need a new face lift for your blog or website, give him a shot.  He's cheap or maybe I should say inexpensive, quick, and creative.  He may not work for you as cheap as he worked for me but in all reality, mine was probably more expensive than yours would be.  After all, I feed and cloth him!

Friday, December 28, 2012


Well, another Christmas has gone down in the history books.  We have just returned home from a week long visit/vacation in Missouri.  And like I said last year, I'll say it again this year "as always, it is never long enough but is sure is great to be back home."

This Christmas seemed a little empty without our daughter Hollie, her husband Kyle and our bright ray of sunshine Raleigh.  I think it seemed a little different in Japan for them too.   But we all are trying to make the best of the situation and opportunity for them.  We Skyped with them on Christmas morning and again that evening with the whole extended family.

My mom had the idea to get Raleigh a small 4' prelit tree for her and have everyone bring an ornament for it.  Then when we Skype with her, everyone hang their ornament on the tree, repeating each year for the next 3 years.  When Raleigh returns back to the states, she will have a decorated Christmas tree for her room.  I'm not sure she grasped the whole idea this year but I feel certain she will in the years to come. 

When I return from a trip home this time of year, it always gets me to thinking about the proverbial New Year's resolutions.  On one hand I love them and on the other hand I hate them but I make them faithfully every year.  However, in my more recent years, I prefer to think of them as "goals" rather than "resolutions".  Do you make resolutions or goals?  Stay tuned and I'll share mine in the next few days.

Thursday, December 20, 2012


I sent my sweet little granddaughter, Raleigh in Japan a Hello Kitty Gingerbread house kit.  Raleigh loves doing "projects" and it would have been something she and my mom would have loved to do together.  I would love to help her do her "project" too but she and Grandma Cotten did a lot of "projects" together.  Grandma Cotten was in the same town as Hollie and Raleigh and Nana (me) was 3 states away in Texas.  Now we're all an ocean or two away!  :(

Anyway, here are some pictures Hollie sent me of she and Raleigh putting the gingerbread house together.

Raleigh is so excited to get started!

 I love this look on her face.  I've seen it more than once!  She and momma decided that things weren't going quite as easy as it looked and since they weren't going to eat it, they got the super glue out to help it go together.  Grandma Cotten thinks maybe the icing might have been too thin!

 Pretty cute little Hello Kitty Gingerbread House and momma reports there's a pretty big mess to go along with it.  Raleigh had a great time though.  Sure am glad Nana sent this.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I seem to be getting good at posting the Design Wall Monday on Tuesday.... once AGAIN!  I just can't seem to get my act together to blog on Monday. Maybe I should change the title to Design Wall Tuesday.  Nope, I'm the little engine that could.  I'm going to post on Mondays.... until I get too busy and it gets posted on Tuesday!

Anyway, there are no blocks on my design wall, but there are sugar cookies to decorate on my table.  That's kinda like a design wall... right?


Sunday, December 16, 2012


I actually used a bit from my stash this week for a small quilt for granddaughter #2, little Miss Josie for Christmas.  Hope I get it quilted in time before we leave next Saturday.

Used this week:  5.75 yards
Used this year in 2012 to date:  207.625 yards

Added this week:  2.5 yards
Added this year in 2012 to date:  198.5 yards

Net used in 2012:  9.125 yards

How is your stash busing coming along?  You only have 2 more weeks in this year to bust it!  Although I used quite a bit, I also added quite a bit.  However I don't have a "huge" stash.  It pales in comparison to most of my friends..... if that's any consolation!  haha!  Click on over to and see how others are doing with theirs.

Saturday, December 15, 2012


Alycia over at Quilts of Valor is having a New Year's Day Sit and Sew to make a QOV.  What a great idea!  And just think if we all participate, how many QOV's we would make and provide for our soldiers!   I always have good intentions to do more QOV's than I actually do so maybe this will be a good start for 2013.  Check out Alycia's guidelines and join the fun.  Leave me a comment and let me know who's on board.

I have had one cut out for over 6 months so I'm already ready.  Bring on New Year's Day! 

Thursday, December 13, 2012


I seem to be having a rash of quilts with wonky borders here lately.  Don't get me wrong, even I occasionally get a wonky border on my quilts and I always do my borders the "correct" way.  It takes a little longer but it's worth it in the end.  There was a time when I would cut my borders, and just start sewing them down, without measuring.  I think I got lucky a lot because I didn't have too many wonky borders that I remember.  Then one day I wasn't so lucky and the rest, as they say is history. 

This is the perfect example of a quilt with wonky borders.  There is no way to "work all that wonky-ness in".  I'm good but I'm not that good. 

Every time I get a quilt with wonky borders, I always think of this video.  It makes me laugh and it's so true. 

I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir when I share with you this video on how to put borders on but just in case there's one person out there that doesn't know how to do borders without getting them "wonky", then my mission is complete.

Monday, December 10, 2012


Nothing quilty on my design wall this week but how about these cute ornaments?  I try to make a "homemade" ornament for my kids and my two granddaughters each year.  I found these on pinterest.  Aren't they adorable? 

They were really pretty simple.  I purchased the wooden letters at Hobby Lobby, drilled a hole in the top to hang it with, painted them red, then painted a black band (belt) across the middle.  Hot glued the square ring for the buckle, chenille pipe cleaners  for the fur trim, and added the purchased Santa hat (also at Hobby Lobby).  I really like the way they turned out.

Sunday, December 9, 2012


Well, not much going on here this week.  I'm not sure what I did all week but I know I was busy, as usual!   I do know I didn't use much fabric this week, only a yard for the stocking I made for Raleigh and binding for her Christmas quilt. 

Used this week:  1 1/2 yards
Used this year to date in 2012:  201 7/8 yards

Added this week:  0 yards
Added this year to date in 2012:  196 yards

Net used in 2012:  5 7/8 yards

How is your stash busting coming along?  Click on over to and see how others are doing with theirs.  

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


This is my first attempt at making a quilted stocking.  I like the way it turned out but I'm going to make it again and change a few things.  I used a piece of fabric, Fairy Frost by Michael Miller, which I like a lot.  The only color I had it in was white.  Again, I like it but I think a color like red, green, or blue would be more interesting and festive.  I also used a Christmas print for the backing and next time I'm going to use either a plain white or another plain colored fabric.  I used a glide thread and the pattern is from Sweet Dreams Quilt Studio.  Making these will be the easy (and cheap) part; filling them, now that's another story.  This year I'm making the granddaughters' stockings.  Next year, I'll make them for the rest of the family.  I put several things in this one and now it's on its way to Japan.  Hope she gets it before Christmas!


Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Apparently I can't seem to get it together to post Design Wall Monday on Monday!  Oh well, I spend a lot of my lifetime "a day late and lots of dollars short"!  But.... better late than never.... right?

I really don't have anything on my wall.  I just finished these jewelry pouches for "Loose Threads" quiltie friends for our Christmas party that was Sunday.  I also haven't started anything new or dug out any UFO's to work on yet this week.

I will try to post a tutorial this week on how to make them.  They are really pretty quick and easy.

Click on over to and get inspired by others with what's on their design wall.

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Lots of quilting going on this week trying to keep all my wonderful customers happy.  I still have several to finish by Christmas; both for myself and my customers.  I also made some really cute jewelry pouch bags for my "Loose Threads" quilting group.  We had our Christmas party today and boy did I make a "haul".  In spite of the fact that I went to a quilt shop while on a road trip with those silly FFA kids, I only bought 1, yes I said 1, o-n-e, 1 fat quarter! 

Used this week:  8 yards
Used this year 2012 to date:  200 3/8 yards

Added this week:  .25 yards
Added this year 2012 to date:   196 yards

Net used in 2012:  4 3/8 yards (Yes, I'm out of the hole.  Wonder if I can stay there till the end of the year!)   :)

How is your stash busting coming along?  Click on over to and see how others are doing with their stash busting.

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