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Are you ready for an Old Fashioned Bed Turning?  I went to one on Saturday (while presenting at the Goldthwaite TX Quilt Show) and I usually learn something every time I go to one.  I just love them and the old quilts and the stories that go with them.  For those of you who don't know what a "bed turning" is, let me try to explain. 

Waaayyyy back in the day, women didn't have much of a social outlet so when they did get together, they would bring their quilts for their moment in the spotlight and perhaps some well deserved braggin rights.  With all those women in one house, there really wasn't a proper place to put all the quilts out so they would lay them out on "layers" on the bed.  Each woman would take her turn telling her story, where she got her fabric, how much fabric she used, her pattern, and any challenges she had during the making. Thus the name "bed turning". 

I tried to make a few notes during the bed turning so that you too could enjoy.  I didn't research the pattern names or information.  I just took notes about what was narrated and am passing it along to you.
This handkerchief quilt was make from hankies from this woman's mother, grand mother, and great grandmother.

 Can't you see a Christmas quilt made with these poinsettia hankies?

This New York Beauty was probably my favorite.  It was in pristine condition!  The woman who made this had to have been insane - she made 10 of them; one for each of her 10 children.  If she wasn't insane before, she surely was by the time she finished all 10 of them.

The crazy quilt was in very delicate condition.  The silk fabric was beginning to disintegrate.  Can you spot the tobacco sacks in the blocks?

The is quilt - The Pine Burr Pattern - was quilted to death!  Look at the tiny stitches and how close together the quilting is.

A Centennial Star Quilt made in 1936 and sashed in the woman's school colors.

Cathedral Windows.  The quilt was actually folded in half so is twice the size shown.  That's a lot of hand work.

One of my favorite old patterns - Orange Peel. 

And another butterfly quilt - This one made in the 30's and appliqued.  A butterfly quilt represented new life.

This quilt isn't old at all but represents the history of a family through modern methods.  All 9 children of the happy couple were given a block and each child was featured with their 2nd grade picture plus other photos through the years.  What a neat family scrapbook!

And how could you have a bed turning in Texas without a Lone Star Quilt.  This quilt was a little unique in that it was made from double knit fabrics.  Double knit didn't come in the most desirable colors but back then who cared?  There was no ironing needed and we have learned through the years, you can't wear them out!  My grandmother made more than her fair share of these.   Personally I don't care for them but my adult children LOVE them!

This Princess Feather Quilt is an orphan.  Not much is know about it other than it was bought at a Flea Market.  I love it just the same!

A Double Wedding Ring (and in Texas also known as a Coiled Rattlesnake quilt).  This is the first quilt this woman made!  Can't even imagine that!  One of the first patterns was published in the 1928 Caper's Weekly in Topeka KS and was noted that it was hardly a design for the novice quilter to undertake.  No one told Romona that!  She later told her friends "I thought y'all liked me!"

A snowball quilt made from 30's & 40's feed sacks.

Another Lone Star or Broken Star.

And another Cathedral Window.  Of course you know I'd like the blocks with the red, white, and blue.



  1. I was there too Doris, it was the first time I had ever seen a a bed turning. The quilts they made back then with the tools they had are amazing. Goldthwaite had a nice show I thought.

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