Thursday, October 25, 2012


I have a part-time job that I usually work 2-5 hours a day.  Normally I work in the mornings but occasionally I have to work in the afternoons.  Today was one of those days.  I really dislike working in the afternoon as it seems to throw everything "out of kilter". 

So this morning I started out working on a custom quilting job for one of my customers.  I had worked a couple of hours when this happened.  Most of you know I have a Gammill Opitmum Statler Stitcher Quilting Machine and most days I just love it!  And for those of you that that fact means nothing to you, it means that it is a computerized quilting machine that costs way more money than it should!!!  To give you a brief synopsis, I mark off an area (or block) with my computer, place a pattern in the area (block) on my computer, hit the quilt button, and it stitches out.  In a perfect world, I could do all those steps and walk away while it stitches out and go do something else.  Notice I said in a perfect world.  This quilt is not quite perfect :(  which has nothing to do with what happened.  Even in a perfect world, I don't like to walk off while my machine does it's thing.  I guess I just don't trust it.  However, today, I walked away (I had to go in the house to use the little girl's room and there are no facilities in my studio). 

This is a picture of the screen shot of my computer monitor showing the block I marked off (the narrow blue lines) and the pattern I placed in the block.  Notice the holly pattern is placed in the center of the block, to be stitched out in the center of the block. 

And this is what stitched out on the quilt.  Doesn't look like the center of the block to me!  Does it to you? 

That's at least 1/4" off center.  So that results in some frogging (ripping out of the stitches).  It took me almost an hour to rip that out and for the record, it only took 2 minutes and 29 seconds to stitch it back in!  Urgh!!  I wonder it it's the moon phase.  Freaky things seem to happen during a full moon. 


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