Wednesday, September 5, 2012


It's hard to believe that school is back in session and my baby is a Junior in High School this year.  He said to me the first day of school, "Mom, do you realize this is my next to last first day of school?".  Really William!!??  You could have gone a lifetime without pointing out the obvious.  And then I started thinking about it and the tears began to flow....

Last week it was also pretty obvious it was the first week of school.  What ever happened to sending $5 to school with them on the first day for their lunches for the whole week?  Now I send $20 and it might last the whole week but probably not.  And then there is $50 deposit for the laptop, $17 for FFA dues, $50 for an FFA jacket, $58 for the FFA Show jacket, $36 for FFA Officer shirt, $$$ for golf balls and golf clubs and I'm sure I've left something else out or better yet, something he hasn't told me about yet. 

This week he tells me his dual enrollment English class is $240 so I guess that means his dual enrollment Physics class is $240 also.  "Oh, and Mr. Flood is getting my goat sometime this week" so that's another $300-400.  (I already have purchased a lamb and feed, etc. back in July).  Geesh, does he think I'm made of money or that it grows on trees in the back yard? (Not in Texas anyway, we're having a drought and nothing is growing in our backyard this year!)  But, I guess I wouldn't trade it for anything.  After all, this is his next to last year and then the real expenses begin when he goes to college - which I'm not going to think about because you know what I'll do... boo hoo!

Here is the pictures they took of the FFA Officer Team.  William is the one at the nose of the tractor. 

What a great group of kids they are!

And see that white shirt peaking out below that jacket.  This is why we have to spend $50 for a new one.  He has grown a foot, literally, the last year and his jacket is too small for him.  Could somebody please put a rock on that boy's head?  He's already 6'2" and the doctor says his growth plates aren't closed yet.  On second thought, his genetics are not in his favor, he better get all the height he can. 


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