Thursday, August 30, 2012


The past 2 days I have spent my afternoons/evenings making a doll carrier back pack, a cover for a kindle fire, and a Hello Kitty pencil bag.  It has been a bit challenging but it's all worth it. 

I purchased a yard of fabric for the back pack and a yard of fabric for the the lining, quilted it and cut out the pattern.  Then I encountered my first stumbling block.  I wanted to put Raleigh's name on the back pack.  I had purchased an embroidery machine about 6 months ago and haven't had time to sit down and figure it out.  Now was not the time to do it either but I was determined.  It took me from 3:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. to turn on the laptop, open the program, and get her name typed on the screen.  Ok, I think this was a bad idea.  I still don't have a clue how to attach the hoop to the machine and actually stitch it out!  My solution was to call my friend Mildred (who has a commercial embroidery machine).  Problem is, I need it "yesterday" as we are leaving Friday morning for Missouri.  I told Mildred I was calling for a SOS!  She took pity on me and said bring it on over.  I couldn't get there quick enough.  And I was back home in an hour with a name on the band to finish the back pack.  Thank you Mildred!!!!

Things were progressing quite nicely and quickly.  I got all the straps sewn together and pinned to the body of the back pack.  Stumbling block #2:  My zipper was 28" long, and in my infinite wisdom, I was thinking I could cut it off to fit.  Nope, it's one of those heavy nylon zippers and it couldn't be cut off.  I had already been shopping at the local fabric shop and no appropriate zipper.  Solution #2:  Gregg was out of town in the Dallas area on business.  I called up my dear sweet husband and sent him on a quest to find the nearest Joann's or Hancock's and get the appropriate zipper.  Bless his heart, he accomplished the mission.    Once he returned home late this afternoon, I finally finished the back pack.  Now Raleigh can take some of her personal belongings to entertain herself on the long plane ride to Japan and has a place to carry her baby doll on her back pack.  She's going to be so excited!

Meanwhile while waiting on the zipper, I made a Hello Kitty cover/case for her Kindle Fire.  It took me two attempts to do it but I did it!  I didn't have a pattern and the first attempt went in the trash.  However, we learn from our mistakes (we hope) and I corrected the oopsies.   Here is the final product.

And one final thing, a pencil bag for the twist up colored pencils Nana bought her.  I learned how to make these project bags at Quilt Guild last week.  I made it about half the size of the the project bag.  It's perfect for the pencils. 

She's all set to head off to the next chapter in her young life.  Too bad Nana isn't ready for her to leave!  I know it's what has to happen and I know it will be exciting for them and I know their family needs to be together again and I know there's FaceTime and Skype but I also know my heart's gonna break when they go. 

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  1. I cannot imagine how hard them leaving is going to be for you but I'm telling you . . that backpack and Kindle cover are fantastic!! She's going to be so proud of those.


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