Saturday, August 4, 2012


I made some fantastic progress on two of my block of the month's.  While in Arkansas, I cut out 2 of the blocks for the Generals Wives BOM from Quilts With A Heart and today I pieced them together.  Here they are.  I am now officially caught up on that one.

I also cut out month 1 and month 2 of my newest block of the month, Americana Stars from Quilts With A Heart also.  Bet you're surprised that it's red, white and blue aren't you.  Here are the 12" blocks and I'm officially caught up on this one too:

I also cut out 27 blocks (that are 5" finished) to catch me up (on the cutting out part) of my block of the month Cotton Club from Pocketful of Poseys in Fredericksburg TX.  Too bad they aren't sewn together too.  I'll post pictures of them as I sew them together. Unless I sew really fast between now and next Wednesday, I'll be behind again.  I get the next month of blocks then.   

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