Wednesday, August 8, 2012


For quite some time now I have heard a dripping noise, like water dripping from a faucet into a pan of water.  I know I heard it one evening before we left for vacation to go to Arkansas.  I told Gregg about it and he just kinda shrugged and said he didn't know what it was, maybe just condensation from the air conditioner.  Hummm, I don't think so.  But I ignored it.  I didn't want to ruin my vacation by starting it off with a hefty plumbing bill! 

So now that we're home from vacation, I'm still hearing the dripping noise and my mind has been running wild.  I narrowed the drip noise down to you can hear it the loudest coming from the vent in the master bathroom and bedroom.  And you can only hear it when the air conditioner kicks off.  I'm imagining a huge mess.  You see, we have a slab foundation and if a pipe was broke under the house, then... well, we're not going to think about that!  And we have been under drought conditions for 2 years now and the ground is cracking and shifting and lots of people have been having broken pipe issue and foundation problems so I was just sure that's what was going on. 

Today, I finally got up enough nerve to call the plumber.  First, let me say I'm obviously in the wrong profession.  They charge $95 per hour.  REALLY!!!????  Wow!!!  The man and his helper came out this afternoon and guess what?  We don't have a broken pipe.  Wheew!!   Dodged the bullet on that one.  Nope, we have clogged drain line from the air conditioner unit and yes, it's dripping water into the overflow pan.  They were here less than 30 minutes!  It still cost me $100 but at least that is all it cost me.  And Gregg was kinda right but don't tell him that! (It wasn't condensation but it was a/c related.)  Whoo Hoo!!!  I think I should go shopping on the money we just saved!


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  2. I'm happy to know that it's just a clogged drain from the air conditioner, it would really cost you a lot if its a worst problem. :-)

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  3. Early detection saves us from bigger problem and bigger expense, glad you have called the plumber and save yourself from these problem.
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