Friday, August 3, 2012


I have been at a loss for words this week and certainly at a loss for motivation.  We took a little vacation and went with Gregg while he was on business in Little Rock Arkansas.  We used to live in Benton, AR (a bedroom community just outside of Little Rock) prior to moving to Brownwood Texas.  So I knew my posts would be limited while I was visiting and catching up with our friends there.  I didn't realize the posts would be non-existent!

And I didn't count on getting the news I got on Tuesday afternoon from our daughter.  Her husband is in the Navy and has been stationed at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio attending Radiology school for the past 13 months.  It has been an un-accompanied move for them so she hasn't been with him.  They have been waiting anxiously for the order for his new assignment.  He got them Tuesday.

She called me Tuesday about 2:00 p.m.
Hollie:  Mom are you sitting down.
Me:  Yes, I'm sitting down, visiting with Paige & Robert (our best friends in Benton AR)
Hollie:  Kyle got his assignment.
Me:  OK, where are you going?
Hollie:  Sasebo Japan for 3 years.
Hollie:  Mom, I'm so sorry!
Me:  NO!....  NO! ...   You can't take my baby that far away!  NO!!!(between sobs)
Hollie:  Mom, I'm sorry!  I don't like it either.
Me:  (still crying).  Hollie, don't apologize.  You can't control it.  We can't change it, so you're going to have to embrace it. 

There was silence on the phone for a bit.  I was at a loss for words to say to comfort her or myself so I changed the subject and we soon ended our conversation.

Who am I kidding..... embrace it!!! Where did those words come from?  I do realize that is what is going to have to happen but it's not going to be easy.  Many, many thanks to all my friends and family that have comforted us during this ordeal.  And all of them are right.  It's not going to be easy but what an experience it will be for them.  And all of you ended with the same thing:  start saving your money for a ticket to Japan.  My granddaughter, my sweet little Princess, will be 7 years old when they come back.  I just can't even digest those words or that timeline.  And I keep thinking about all the fun things I will miss doing with her for the next 3 years; my favorite age of a child. 

I still can't talk about it without tearing up or crying.  Yes, I'm crying now... But as part of embracing it, I guess I have to get my head out of the sand and back to quilting and blogging... and saving my money.  Please accept my sincere apologies for letting you, my faithful readers, down.


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry. That will be horribly hard. You'll learn to Skype (not nearly as good as visiting, but a lot more than we had in the 1950's when our dear friends were sent to Japan for four years). You'll be able to send each other things and visit, but I know the not touching and hugging will be horrible.

  2. Oh, no...Doris! I am so sorry! I know it is going to be hard. Buy an iPad and have Holly get one. I love 'Facetiming' with my grandkids! Or, if they have an iPhone, that will work, too, just not as large. Save your money...what an awesome trip that would be!


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