Thursday, July 12, 2012


On Wednesday Raleigh and I went to the Texas State Aquarium while William went to the FFA convention and Poppy went to play a round of golf.  We also took Peyton (the FFA Advisor, Mrs. Cockerham's daughter) with us.  The girls had a great time at the Aquarium.  Little did this Nana know that the Aquarium had a splash pool for kids and we went with no swimsuit!  Soo..., what's a Nana to do?  She lets them play in the splash pool with their clothes on!

We saw lots of fish .... oh wait, those aren't fish, those are 2 silly girls!

Now we saw lots of pretty fish.

And Raleigh's favorite part of all, the dolphins.

And sea turtles.

And then with great anticipation, the dumping of the big triangle bucket of water.

Here it comes!!!

Here it is....

Two drowned sea rascals girls.  And this Nana was wore out and it was only noon!!!

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