Sunday, July 22, 2012


Day 2 and 3 don't look quite as productive but they really were.  Three of us started out Friday morning to go to "town" to Wimberley to the quilt shop; as if we all didn't have enough fabric as it is.  When we got there, it was closed up!  What!  Well then how about we go to the quilt shop in Dripping Springs, it's only about 13 miles away.  On the way we decided Oh wait, Buda is pretty close, let's go there instead.  So we did!  And what a nice surprise.... I picked up 3 customer quilts to quilt.  YAY!!!  Of course, we picked up some fabric too!  :)

This is the skateboard quilt finished.  I think is quite cute for a 10 year  old boy who loves skateboarding.

And here is another Texas Beauty quilt.  This one I call A Tribute to Lady Bird Johnson.
I decided to use the leftover fabrics and piece the backing for it.  Here is the backing.  But now I've decided that it's such a masterpiece, I can't use it on the back and now it's quilt #2.

Then last night we decided to go to "town" and eat out pizza for Jan's birthday.  We looked on the Internet and found a pizza place.  Says it's right on Ranch Road 12.  We drove to town, through town, and a couple of miles past town; didn't find it.  Decided to put the address in the GPS, and another girl put it in her phone.  It was making us turn around and head back through town.  We traveled back through town, another 6 miles and it said we have arrived at our destination.... in the middle of nowhere; not even a house or shack.  We all laughed.  Then one of the girls said how about we call them for directions.  What a novel idea!!!  Guess what, when we went through town, and a couple of miles past town, we just didn't go far enough!  We finally made it there and the pizza was good. Oh what fun times and lots of memories!

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