Wednesday, July 11, 2012


My dear sweet husband has a thing about buying a new hat everywhere he goes.  I should have known this vacation would be no different.  He "conveniently" forgot his hat to play golf in.  Really?!!!  So now we have to go buy another one.   How many hats can one man own? 

I personally am not a hat wearer!  I only own a couple of hats and either bought them out of desperation, like this one below, or I was delirious and thought I would wear it.  Of course when I came to my senses, nope, I didn't wear it (more than once or twice).  I bought the hat below out of desperation.  I am trying to let my hair grow out a little and it is at that "bad hair day everyday" stage.  I can't do anything with it and then add to that the wind, humidity, and water here on the coast and you have a recipe for a really, really bad hair day.  The hat helps cover part of that up. 


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  1. I am with the hubby, I love hats. Big brims, are my fav. Pink, blue, pink stripe, blue stripe, plain straw. O love them all.


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