Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I am slowly updating the bathroom.  We have changed out the light fixture and the towel bars, etc.  This weekend I changed out the hardware on the cabinets and added a small lamp.  I still have one more light fixture to change out but am undecided about how or what to do.  It is just a light bulb type fixture with a pull chain.  I'm not sure how or what to change that out to without calling an electrician.  I may have to break down and do that though.  The next thing is a biggie.  I want to change out the vanity counter top and faucet.  I'm also undecided about what to do about the shower.  Right now there are shower doors on there and although they function properly, they are trimmed in chrome and I'm changing out everything to "brown". 

This is the old knobs straight from 1976.

These are the new bronze knobs.

And this is the new lamp.  I'm not crazy about the lampshade.  I actually bought a different one to change out with this one but I forgot it in Judy's car and Vince brought it to work to Gregg who forgot it on his desk at work.  I'm sure I'll have to make a visit to Gregg's office to actually get it to the house.

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