Wednesday, June 6, 2012


This quilt has been a long time in the making.  My customer Karen called me almost 2 years ago about making a memory quilt from the clothes worn by her mother.  If I remember correctly, Karen is an only child and all of the clothes in this quilt have a special meaning or were worn for a special occasion.  It has been particularly challenging for me as I had never made a quilt from anything but cotton fabric,  Other than the denim, there wasn't one single fabric in any of the clothes that was 100% cotton.  There was silk, rayon, crepe, satin, linen, gauze, even a sweater or two... you name it but no cotton.  I stabilized all the the pieces with a tricot interfacing and that made the piecing task tolerable.  Karen also wanted a special "label" block at the bottom.  She wrote what she wanted to say in her handwriting and I embroidered it for her.

I was worried about how it would quilt out but surprisingly enough, there were minimal problems.  Especially after I took off all the sequins on the horses at the top of the quilt.  I had hoped my machine would go right over them but NO, it didn't like those sequins one bit.  It started skipping stitches and breaking my thread right and left.  I decided the sequins would have to go.  Once I took them off, it was happy again.

The embroidered label block.

This block was one of my favorites.  The star in the center came from a vest Karen wore often, the Moorman's patch represented Karen's dad, the LKD monogram represents Karen's husband, the boy with the baseball cap represents Karen's son, and the house represents Karen's mom.  A neat "family" block.

Oh what fun, a "refreshing summertime drink on a sweater" star block.

Karen told me her mom loved butterflies and it was apparent as several of the clothes had a butterfly embroidered or the fabric was a butterfly print.  So of course I had to quilt butterflies in the border.

An because "A Mother's Love is Forever", there needed to be hearts quilted on it too.

It is a quite unique quilt but it will be so very special to Karen; one I'm sure she will treasure for the rest of her life.

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