Saturday, June 9, 2012


Well, things aren't really just peachy, they're just apricoty.  But I couldn't say just apricoty.  I don't think that's a word.  I had really wanted to buy some local apricots but didn't have any luck finding any so today I went to the local produce stand and bought some California apricots.  I have no idea what the going price for apricots is but I gave $1.39 per pound.  I guess it really didn't matter though.  This evening I made some long overdue apricot jelly. 

Two years ago I made a batch of apricot jelly from some apricots a friend gave me.  William decided he loved it and it was gone in a flash.  Poor Gregg didn't get much.  Both of them have been asking for it since.  Last year there wasn't an apricot crop due to the drought.  This year there were some reports of a decent crop but I couldn't find anyone with any to sell, pick, or give away.  I'm sure the local grown apricots would have been better than those purchased but the jelly is pretty tasty on my toast.  I bet it gets consumed in short order either way. 

Another topic that's just peachy is that my youngest granddaughter Josie won 1st place in the baby contest at Bushwhacker Days in Nevada, MO.  This is the 2nd week in a row she has taken first place.  Last Saturday she took 1st place in the baby contest at Good Ole Days in Fort Scott KS.  I say finally, everyone else figured out what I've known all along.  Really, who could resist a smile like this one? 


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