Thursday, June 28, 2012


Most of you know that I have designed a pattern called God Bless Texas.  This is the original quilt. 

Then last year when I the Quilt Across Texas panel came out, I thought it would look neat in the God Bless Texas pattern.  I think when I origianlly blogged about it, I called it God Bless Texas Gone Scrappy.  But I think God Bless Texas Memories is a more appropriate name.

Can you see the armadillo, longhorn, and roses quilted in this section?

And of course, there has to be an Alamo.  "Remember the Alamo" is definately a Texas memory.

This section has has a western scene quilted in it. 

And of course windmills and bluebonnets will always be Texas memories. 

In the outer border I quilted a lasso design but it doesn't show up in the pictues. 

I have made at least 8 of these quilts and have yet to keep one for myself.  Gregg asked who this one was for and I said us.  His response was "Holy Cow, you're actually going to keep this one".  Yep, until some offers me a large amount of money that I can't refuse.  You know I can always make another one!


  1. great quilt. I'm trying to do TX things in the quilting of my TX flag pattern. Were any of your patterns digital?

    1. Yes, all of my quilting patterns are digital, from several different designers; Sweet dreams studio, deb geissler designs, Wasatch quilting, to name a few.

  2. Replies
    1. I had it just before I "lost"
      it here in the house. YEP_YEP-YEP-


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