Tuesday, June 5, 2012


The small quilt group I belong to (there are only 7 of us) always does a quilt for the person turning a milestone birthday.  All of us have received our quilts except Sheila.  This past weekend,  it was Sheila's turn.  We all make a couple of blocks apiece, someone makes the label and either Angela or myself quilts it, someone donates the backing fabric, and someone else puts the binding on. This is Sheila's 30's birthday quilt.  If only the milestone birthday was #30!

I made the Dresden Plate block in the lower left hand corner and the Carolina Lily block second from the bottom on the right.



  1. If this was her 30th Birthday, why does the block in the middle picture read "Happy 50th"? Is this a misprint or some inside joke that we should all be made aware of?

  2. haha Leslie, guess I didn't make myself very clear. It's really her 50th birthday but we used 30's quilt fabric prints. That's where the 30's came from. Sorry for the confusion.


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