Friday, June 29, 2012


I don't know where June went.  I can't believe it's already over.  That means the next thing I know it will be Sept. 1st and the start of the Second Annual Quilt Across Texas Statewide Shop Hop.  I've been busy designing and piecing the shop sample quilt for Front Porch Quilts in Benjamin TX.  Have you seen the fabrics yet?  I think they're pretty cool.

This is the panel fabric.  Does it look familar?  Maybe it looks like the pieced center in my God Bless Texas pattern.

  I think all the cities on this fabric are the county seats for all the counties in Texas.



Thursday, June 28, 2012


Most of you know that I have designed a pattern called God Bless Texas.  This is the original quilt. 

Then last year when I the Quilt Across Texas panel came out, I thought it would look neat in the God Bless Texas pattern.  I think when I origianlly blogged about it, I called it God Bless Texas Gone Scrappy.  But I think God Bless Texas Memories is a more appropriate name.

Can you see the armadillo, longhorn, and roses quilted in this section?

And of course, there has to be an Alamo.  "Remember the Alamo" is definately a Texas memory.

This section has has a western scene quilted in it. 

And of course windmills and bluebonnets will always be Texas memories. 

In the outer border I quilted a lasso design but it doesn't show up in the pictues. 

I have made at least 8 of these quilts and have yet to keep one for myself.  Gregg asked who this one was for and I said us.  His response was "Holy Cow, you're actually going to keep this one".  Yep, until some offers me a large amount of money that I can't refuse.  You know I can always make another one!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I have a layout dilemma.  Here is the Quilted Angels Online Mystery Quilt Layout so far. 

My original plan was to put 5 blocks of flowers across the top and across the bottom.  However I don't know what I was thinking.  I would need 10 total blocks (five for the top and five for the bottom).  I only had 8 to begin with and I used 1 for the center block so now I have 7 left.  Where I went to school, that leaves me 3 short.  Here's the dilemma options: 

Option 1 is to call B & B Quilting in Buda to see if they still have a panel left.  That's not likely since I have had that for at least a year now.  It would also delay the progress and I'm under the gun.  The challenge is due July 15 and I'm going to be gone the 3rd thru the 15th. I know, I know mom, I shouldn't have waited till the last minute to get it done.  But you always said if I didn't have a deadline I wouldn't get anything done. 

Option 2 is to only put a row across the top.  At one point in my layout designs I had this option.  I don't know why I decided to change it.  Obviously I thought it would look better to but the bottom row of flower blocks on there.

Option 3 is to replace 2 of the flower blocks with a 4 patch block.   It's laid out that way in the photo above (of course you have to turn sideways or turn your laptop sideways to see it the way you're suppose to).  It's okay, but I think the 5 flower blocks would be better. 

What do you think?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I only have 4 more days to finish my last set of block in the Quilted Angels Online Quilt Club Mystery Quilt and I only have 3 weeks to come up with a layout for it too.  I didn't realize when I started this that I would have to design my own layout; not that I would have liked or followed the layout if it were provided. 

These are the last two blocks.

My first instinct was just a simple 3 across, 4 down layout.  But then I slept on it and decided that was way too boring.  I have another plan in my head.  It involves a center medalion block with the 12 sampler blocks around it. 


Sunday, June 24, 2012


Again, not much used this week.  I did a lot of quilting and not much piecing.  I did manage to use a little and finally get the Willow City Loop Quilt completed.  I also gave away 8 fat quarters to the birthday girl Priscilla. 

Used this week:  4.5 yards
Used Year to date in 2012:  109.375 yards

Added this week:  0 yards
Added Year to date in 2012:  115.25 yards

Net used in 2012:  -5.875 yards (this in the negative but getting closing to being out)

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Thursday, June 21, 2012


I'm making up for lost time the last two weeks.  Here are two customer quilts I recently finished. 

This one is from Ruby M in Lubbock.  It has a fun story.  Ruby's friends are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary and they are going to Hawaii to renew their vows.  Ruby made them this wedding ring quilt using only Hawaiian or tropical prints.  I quilted it using a hibiscus pattern by Debra Geissler with a Glide aquamarine colored thread. 

I hope you can zoom in on this photo and see that I quilted the couple's name and wedding date with pink thread.  It didn't stand out as much as I had hoped but it does show up when you look at in person.  What a great friend Ruby is.  This couple will have a heirloom to cherish for another 25 years +. 

Just some of the fun fabrics Ruby found with the Hawaiian/tropical theme.

This next quilt belongs to Linda M from Houston.  She is going to enter it in her first quilt show.  There are some block patterns in this sampler that I haven't seen before.  I quilted an edge to edge called Deb's Feathers by Debra Geissler using a white thread.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I finally finished quilting the Deep in the Heart of Texas Quilt.  And, I finally got the pattern written for it also.  I shipped the quilt off to be displayed at B&B Quilting and Gifts in Buda, TX for a while.  If you're interested in the pattern, just leave me a comment.  They are $9 each.  I will add them to my website soon. 

Of course it called for a Texas Feather Wreath.

And a traditional baptist fan on the borders.

Very plain and simple quilting on the blocks.

And what Texas quilt couldn't have a barbed wire fence.  It's hard to see, but there is a star garland quilted in the black sashing. 

Monday, June 18, 2012


The girls at Abbey Lane Quilts are giving away 3 copies of their new book Just 4 Fun.  The pictures they have posted sure are enticing!  Of course I'm a sucker for anything red, white, and blue!  I can't wait to see the whole book.  Be sure to check it out and maybe you will be the lucky winner of one of the books. 




Not much progress on the Willow City Loop Quilt again this week.  The checkerboard border is on.  The next border is a red border again and then a wildflower border for the final border. 

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Sunday, June 17, 2012


I don't know where it went but somewhere I lost a whole week.  I certainly was busy last week but I didn't accomplish much.  My friend did get her mother's estate sale over with... sorta.  We ran out of energy and time so we put out what we had and still have a little to go through and have another sale next week.  She got rid of lots and lots of stuff and still has lots and lots left but what is left she is donating to the local Ark (a shelter for battered women).  I didn't use or add anything all week.

Used this week - 0 yards
Used year to date in 2012 - 104.875 yards

Added this week - 0 yards
Added year to date in 2012 - 115.25 yards

Net used to date in 2012 - negative 10.375 yards

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I'm not sure who felt like they had just been given freedom;  Gregg and I after dropping William off at Golf Camp at the UT Campus in Austin or William.  We will have the next 4 days to ourselves.  Of course, this freedom came with a price.  We just "had" to go to Golfsmith to get him a new golf bag because his other one was "a piece of you know what" according to William and we "had" to get a new driver (that's a golf club for those of you who are non golfers like me) so he could hit the ball farther.  I say if you want to hit the ball farther, build up your muscles and hit it harder.  It's a lot cheaper! 

I love this kind of freedom as I know it's only temporary.  I love seeing him go, knowing he'll be back in a short period of time.  I also know he's my baby and one of these times he will be leaving for good to start a new chapter in his life story, but for today I'm free and I'm thankful for that. 

Thursday when we pick him up, we will go to watch him and the other boys at golf camp play golf in a tournament at the UT Golf Course.  Stay tuned for updates and photos.

This is how we left him.  Between the shopping trip to Golfsmith and the camp fee, I sure hope someone get my money's worth out of him! 

Monday, June 11, 2012


The Willow City Loop Quilt is still on my design wall.  Not much sewing was accomplished last week.  I was too busy being a pack rat at the hoarding house that belonged to my friend's mother.  I did get the checkerboard border pieced for the top and bottom.  Since it's storming outside and my cord to download pictures from my phone to the laptop is outside in my studio, the picture of the checkerboard border will have to wait till in the morning.  I'll edit this post with the picture in it tomorrow. 

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Oh my goodness what a week.  I have spent the better part of the week helping my friend get her mother's house and it's contents ready for an estate sale this coming weekend.  Therefore, I haven't pieced or quilted very much this past week.  I did make a backing for the quilt I put in the frame though.  And, I added quite a bit to my stash but at these prices, I couldn't resist.  I got 20 yards of fabric for only $1 per yard, and it's good, quality fabric like Moda and Andover.  At today's prices, I'm happy to add 20 yards to my stash for only $20. 

Used this week:  6 yards
Used this year in 2012:  104.875

Added this week:  20 yards
Added this year in 2012:  115.25 yards

Net used this year:  negative 10.375 yards

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Saturday, June 9, 2012


Well, things aren't really just peachy, they're just apricoty.  But I couldn't say just apricoty.  I don't think that's a word.  I had really wanted to buy some local apricots but didn't have any luck finding any so today I went to the local produce stand and bought some California apricots.  I have no idea what the going price for apricots is but I gave $1.39 per pound.  I guess it really didn't matter though.  This evening I made some long overdue apricot jelly. 

Two years ago I made a batch of apricot jelly from some apricots a friend gave me.  William decided he loved it and it was gone in a flash.  Poor Gregg didn't get much.  Both of them have been asking for it since.  Last year there wasn't an apricot crop due to the drought.  This year there were some reports of a decent crop but I couldn't find anyone with any to sell, pick, or give away.  I'm sure the local grown apricots would have been better than those purchased but the jelly is pretty tasty on my toast.  I bet it gets consumed in short order either way. 

Another topic that's just peachy is that my youngest granddaughter Josie won 1st place in the baby contest at Bushwhacker Days in Nevada, MO.  This is the 2nd week in a row she has taken first place.  Last Saturday she took 1st place in the baby contest at Good Ole Days in Fort Scott KS.  I say finally, everyone else figured out what I've known all along.  Really, who could resist a smile like this one? 


Friday, June 8, 2012


For over a week now, I have been helping a dear friend clean her mother's house out and prepare for an estate sale.  I tend to be a bit of a pack rat myself, sometimes bordering on the hoarder category (if you ask my dear sweet hubby anyway).  But I've decided I'm nothing compared to this woman, God rest her soul!  The task has been sooo overwhelming for my friend (and me too).  Her mom collected everything under the sun; baskets, bears, coca cola, dolls, Christmas figurines, just to name a few.  And she practiced about every hobby there is.  She apparently loved to do ceramics, scrapbooking, quilting, just about any craft (except knitting or crocheting).  I haven't found any yarn yet.  I called my my and thanked her for weeding things out of her home over the years.  My mom isn't a pack rat at all but my dad on the other hand.  Well, we're not going to talk about him right now.  Guess you could say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! :)

Today we worked on the quilting room.  I know what you're thinking... And I personally was pleasantly surprised!  I only brought 1 kit home with me, and believe me there were plenty of kits to choose from.  And I brought home a total of 10 yards of fabric, one piece had 6 yards which I will use for a backing on a quilt and the other 2 pieces had 2 yards each.  Did you count them?  Only 3 pieces of fabric and 1 kit..... so far!  We're not quite finished in there but I'm confident I can be strong and resist! 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


This quilt has been a long time in the making.  My customer Karen called me almost 2 years ago about making a memory quilt from the clothes worn by her mother.  If I remember correctly, Karen is an only child and all of the clothes in this quilt have a special meaning or were worn for a special occasion.  It has been particularly challenging for me as I had never made a quilt from anything but cotton fabric,  Other than the denim, there wasn't one single fabric in any of the clothes that was 100% cotton.  There was silk, rayon, crepe, satin, linen, gauze, even a sweater or two... you name it but no cotton.  I stabilized all the the pieces with a tricot interfacing and that made the piecing task tolerable.  Karen also wanted a special "label" block at the bottom.  She wrote what she wanted to say in her handwriting and I embroidered it for her.

I was worried about how it would quilt out but surprisingly enough, there were minimal problems.  Especially after I took off all the sequins on the horses at the top of the quilt.  I had hoped my machine would go right over them but NO, it didn't like those sequins one bit.  It started skipping stitches and breaking my thread right and left.  I decided the sequins would have to go.  Once I took them off, it was happy again.

The embroidered label block.

This block was one of my favorites.  The star in the center came from a vest Karen wore often, the Moorman's patch represented Karen's dad, the LKD monogram represents Karen's husband, the boy with the baseball cap represents Karen's son, and the house represents Karen's mom.  A neat "family" block.

Oh what fun, a "refreshing summertime drink on a sweater" star block.

Karen told me her mom loved butterflies and it was apparent as several of the clothes had a butterfly embroidered or the fabric was a butterfly print.  So of course I had to quilt butterflies in the border.

An because "A Mother's Love is Forever", there needed to be hearts quilted on it too.

It is a quite unique quilt but it will be so very special to Karen; one I'm sure she will treasure for the rest of her life.


I am slowly updating the bathroom.  We have changed out the light fixture and the towel bars, etc.  This weekend I changed out the hardware on the cabinets and added a small lamp.  I still have one more light fixture to change out but am undecided about how or what to do.  It is just a light bulb type fixture with a pull chain.  I'm not sure how or what to change that out to without calling an electrician.  I may have to break down and do that though.  The next thing is a biggie.  I want to change out the vanity counter top and faucet.  I'm also undecided about what to do about the shower.  Right now there are shower doors on there and although they function properly, they are trimmed in chrome and I'm changing out everything to "brown". 

This is the old knobs straight from 1976.

These are the new bronze knobs.

And this is the new lamp.  I'm not crazy about the lampshade.  I actually bought a different one to change out with this one but I forgot it in Judy's car and Vince brought it to work to Gregg who forgot it on his desk at work.  I'm sure I'll have to make a visit to Gregg's office to actually get it to the house.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


The small quilt group I belong to (there are only 7 of us) always does a quilt for the person turning a milestone birthday.  All of us have received our quilts except Sheila.  This past weekend,  it was Sheila's turn.  We all make a couple of blocks apiece, someone makes the label and either Angela or myself quilts it, someone donates the backing fabric, and someone else puts the binding on. This is Sheila's 30's birthday quilt.  If only the milestone birthday was #30!

I made the Dresden Plate block in the lower left hand corner and the Carolina Lily block second from the bottom on the right.

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