Wednesday, May 2, 2012


My friend Judy at is always blogging about how much she and her husband Vince just absolutely love it here in Texas.  And Gregg and I couldn't agree more.  We have been here just over 5 years and we love it just as much as they do.  The only thing is, we are "city slickers" and live in town.  Granted it's only a few blocks from being out of the southern city limits of Brownwood and it's nice where we live, and we live in a quiet neighborhood, with very little traffic and have the nicest neighbors, that all mind their own business.  However, we don't have any place for a garden, or chickens, or any other animals, and even though it's quiet, it's still "in town".  Gregg grew up on a farm and oh how he would love having a little acreage and a few animals.

Since moving to Texas, we have traveled a little and explored our great state but there are so many more places and things to see.  You know it's big down here in Texas.  You can drive all day in any direction and never leave the state!   Well... kinda... Anyway back to places to see; like San Angelo.  We've been there a couple of times for school sporting events but never took our time and really didn't see anything.  My friend Judy recently visited San Angelo and now I can't wait to go see all she's talking about

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