Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Lots of quilters have a "bucket" list of quilts they would like to complete and of course I have one of those too.  But, I came home from MQS and Spring Quilt Market with quite a wish list of a different sort.  While I was at MQS, I purchased a pair of Walk The Walk sandals and it's like having one of those cushy foam mats on each foot.  They are soo comfortable.  And then I thought, what if I get one of those cushy foam mats to go on top of my carpet... double comfortable and cushy foamy soft!

So the list began:
  • Interlocking foam tiles for the length of my quilting machine on both the front and back
  • PVM software (Pattern Viewer Manager)  I am getting so many patterns and it would really save a lot of time in searching for the perfect pattern for a quilt.
  • Cutting Mats for the table of my longarm.  I am constantly moving the small cutting mat back and forth along the longarm table to use it.  It sure would be nice to have one continuous mat.  I saw some really cool "interlocking" mats  at Spring Market that apparently are so new they weren't on the website yet. 
  • A new 36x72" cutting mat for my cutting table.  The one I have is almost 30 years old and it has some cuts in it that are cut all the way through the mat.
  • A saddle chair (stool) that I can use to sit in while I custom quilt.  This old back, knees, and ankles really talk back to me on some days, even with the new Walk the Walk Shoes.
  • Storage cabinets to go under my cutting table, two would do the trick for now
  • Thread storage cabinet for all my longarm quilting thread cones.
  • Last, but not least, a whole assortment of p2p patterns to accomplish all the neat things I learned how to do with them at my MQS classes.
Of course, these are not listed in the order of importance or order of future purchase, heck a couple of these things may never be an actual purchase, just a "wish list".    When you go to quilt shows, do you come home with a wish list?

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