Wednesday, May 9, 2012


This Nana has been working diligently on this dress for my granddaughter Raleigh for her birthday.  I originally posted about it being on my Design Wall a week ago.  Well, I had it all done last week except the roushing on the sides on the top skirt.  I sure hope she likes it.  It has been a long while since I did much garment sewing. 

I used to sew for myself and my daughter (Raleigh's momma) all the time.  She was the best dressed little girl in school.  I always made her a matching bow, or headband, or some sort of hair decor to go with every outfit I made her.  What happened to those days?  Of course, back then I didn't do as much quilting either.  I've always made quilts, just not as many as I do now.  Also back then I did more "crafty" things and scrapbooking too.  And I was a lot younger and had way more energy back then too.

Since I was on a roll with the sewing thing, I also picked up a piece of Hello Kitty fabric since Hello Kitty is her favorite thing right now.  My original plan was to make a quick Pillowcase dress or blouse.  That wouldn't take long right?  Well, I cut it out and then I decided it needed something more so I went back to town and found a check to coordinate with it for a ruffle.  And then I decided I had enough fabric left, I might as well make her a pair of shorts or capri's to go with the top.  So, it was back to town again for more check fabric.  I now have a complete outfit for her but it's still one more trip back to town.... I don't have any elastic for the waist of the capri's.  I think she's  be tickled pink about this one. 

And, I still have enough Hello Kitty fabric left to make her a pillowcase for her and her doll baby.  Wonder if I still have enough time to do that before I leave on Friday morning?! 

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