Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Today I'm off to check in at MQS, pick up a friend at the Kansas City MO airport, and do a little shopping, and not necessarily in that order.  The birthday party for the Little Princess was a success and she loved the dress and Hello Kitty Pillowcase blouse her Nana made for her.  She however, apparently doesn't like the capri's I made to go with the Pillowcase blouse as she wrinkled her nose and refuses to even try them on.  Here she is in the dress.

Her momma loved the dress but says all she needs now is a bowl of fruit to balance on top of her head.  Hahaha!

And is this anything like the Princess and the Pea?  How many mattresses pillows does one little girl need?

Here she is in the pillowcase blouse, giving her momma her Mother's Day gift. 

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