Saturday, April 14, 2012


Who can resist a red, white, and blue quilt?  Well, of course not me!  While cruising the Internet, I came across this quilt A Touch of Red.  I looks quite easy and quick.  And it's a free pattern.  And you can have a chance to win 2 jelly rolls from Moda's new line of fabric Sweetwater - Runion from The Fat Quarter Shop if you check out Jo's Country Junction blog and leave her a comment on where your hometown is.  You can leave me a comment on where your hometown is too but I don't have a jelly roll to give away to you.  :(

My home town will always be Nevada, MO.  I have lived there since 1970 when we moved there from the great metropolis of Montevallo, MO.  I'm not sure the population of Montevallo is but it can't be more than about 30 and I'm not sure there's even that any more.  When we lived there, there was a post office, a country store, a church, and a gas station.  There was also the old school but it had closed many years prior and we used to sneak in and look around.  I remember how scary it seemed.  I'm not sure if I was scared of the school, or scared to get caught by my mom because we weren't suppose to be in there. 

Gregg gives me a hard time about what I call "home".  He says this (meaning the home we currently live in) is "home".  I say nope, "home" will always be Nevada, MO.  However, he claims to be a native Texas and in reality I guess he is.  He was born in Canyon, Texas in the panhandle but they moved from there when he was 1 1/2 years old to Nevada, MO.  So if you ask him where he's from, that's what he'll tell you - Texas.  He says once a Texan, always a Texan.  And he's a prime example of that.  He loves living in Texas. 


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