Monday, April 30, 2012


This isn't exactly quilt related but it sure is a priority for me this week.  My granddaughter Raleigh will be 4 years old on May 10th.  She called the other evening as wanted to know if Nana could come see her tomorrow.  I told her no, baby, Nana has to work tomorrow.  She said can you come after work?  I said no, Nana can't come after work either, it's too far (it's a 10 hr. drive).  She said, then could you just please come for my birthday party.  So guess what.  Nana is going to her birthday party.  Who could resist a sweetheart like this one?

And these are the fabrics I'm using to make the dress.  The blue floral is going to be used for the over skirt, the pink print is going to be used for the bodice and the navy print is going to be used for the ruffles.

And these are the flip flops I got her to go with the dress.  She will just love the bling on them. 
Meanwhile back at the design board... This is the pattern I'm using to make her this adorable dress for her birthday.


  1. have a great trip and a wonderful time at the party. No one could resist that!!

  2. How sweet - it's wonderful that you get to share this special time with her. Enjoy!



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