Tuesday, April 17, 2012


While in Missouri, I managed to take in an Auction with my dad.  There's not a whole lot more (other than quilting) that I enjoy than going to an Auction; especially when I can get a bargain.  I'm a tight wad so I don't typically give very much for any given item. 

I really wanted a set of embroidered tea towels.  There were piles and piles of them and I was just sure I could probably nab a set for a reasonable price.  Oh no.... that auctioneer was afraid of getting wet (weather predictions were thunderstorms all day) and he sold them in huge gigantic stacks of about 5-6 sets in a stack.  They all went for around $50 for each of the three stacks.  Not that that wasn't a decent buy, it was just more tea towels than I wanted at this time.  Dang it!

Dad and I did manage to score on these crocks though.  We bought the whole lot for $75.  Whoo hoo.  There are actually 2 more larger ones that I already started cleaning up before I snapped this picture.
And then the best buy of the day, in my opinion; I got this old White Rotary Electric Sewing Machine for just $15.  I figured the cabinet was worth that.  It's a really neat cabinet. 

Check out the "side saddles".  The one on the left has a flip top to store goodies in.

The "side saddle" on the right swings out to reveal  a handy place to wind the cord up and more storage in the door.

This is it all folded out.  The cabinet is in fairly good shape but I'm hoping dad will re-finish it by the time I make it back home with a vehicle to haul it back to Texas.  See the neat old iron pot in the lower left, under the machine?  Dad was the successful bidder on it too.  It had a really neat old tin scoop in it but while I was taking some of his other goodies to the car, he sold it off to a guy.  WHAT!!!!  DAD, that was a really cool scoop!  Oh well.

And here is a close up of the machine head.  I plugged it in and the light worked but the motor didn't work.  I don't know if I'll go to the trouble of trying to find someone to take a look at it or if I'll just keep it for looks.  It is a neat looking piece. 

Do you go to auctions and what kind of bargains have you picked up?

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