Monday, April 30, 2012


Wow, April just flew by at the speed of light!  I did work on some UFO's, didn't finish any, but at least I worked on them.  Now, I don't think they were actually the correct number to work on for Feb., Mar. or April but once again, I worked on UFO's.  You can see my progress here on the house quilt or you can see my progress here on my Winter Wonderland UFO.

The May UFO number to work on is


How did you do on your progress on your UFO?  Did you get it done or at least work on it?  Click on over to and see other's progress on their UFO's. 


This isn't exactly quilt related but it sure is a priority for me this week.  My granddaughter Raleigh will be 4 years old on May 10th.  She called the other evening as wanted to know if Nana could come see her tomorrow.  I told her no, baby, Nana has to work tomorrow.  She said can you come after work?  I said no, Nana can't come after work either, it's too far (it's a 10 hr. drive).  She said, then could you just please come for my birthday party.  So guess what.  Nana is going to her birthday party.  Who could resist a sweetheart like this one?

And these are the fabrics I'm using to make the dress.  The blue floral is going to be used for the over skirt, the pink print is going to be used for the bodice and the navy print is going to be used for the ruffles.

And these are the flip flops I got her to go with the dress.  She will just love the bling on them. 
Meanwhile back at the design board... This is the pattern I'm using to make her this adorable dress for her birthday.

Sunday, April 29, 2012


What a busy week getting ready for the quilt show.  However I did manage to use a little bit working on  the UFO's early in the week.  I also managed to get by with only buying 8 fat quarters at the quilt show!  I think that's a record for me!  I did buy some decorator fabric to recover the ottoman on the patio and make some slipcovers for the pillows on the day bed on the patio.  That doesn't count though does it?  Hope not cause I didn't count it.  I also bought some new quilting thread colors AND, I bought some fabric for the cutest little dress for Raliegh for her birthday.  The pattern is called "Vintage Jane" peasant top and dress by Pink Fig Patterns.

Used this week:  3.125 yards
Used Year to date in 2012:  85.625 yards

Added this week: 2 yards
Added Year to date in 2012:  74.75 yards

Net used in 2012:  10.875 yards

How is your stash coming along? Click on over to and see how others are doing with their stash busting.

Friday, April 27, 2012


The decision has been made, I went with brown for the sashing on my House UFO quilt top.  If you remember from this post, I couldn't decide what color to go with.  It was suggested I try a deep red or black and I really liked the black, if fact, I think I liked it the best but I didn't have enough black in my stash.  However, I did have this really nice brown that I originally bought for a backing on a quilt but now it's sashing in my House Quilt.  What do you think? 

Some of the close up's of the blocks can be seen here.  Now I just have to decide on a pieced border to go around it. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Okay, I wonder how many of you took that "HOT" for something completely different than what it stands for...  "HOT" is Heart Of Texas Quilt Show.  With the 100 degree (plus) temperatures it really could be a "HOT" Quilt Show.   And then there's another whole meaning of "HOT" that I'm not even going to attempt to describe.  

Meanwhile, back at the ranch Quilt Show, today was set up day.  There are some wonderful works of art at the show this weekend.  We have some extremely talented quilters in this area.  Come by Saturday from 10-5 at the Brownwood Coliseum or Sunday from 1-4.  Saturday you can participate in the voting for Viewer's Choice Awards and see the trunk show by "Stamps by Kate".  Both days there will be an old fashioned "Bed Turning".  You won't want to miss anything. 

Here are the quilts I have entered in the show. 



This is not my UFO for April, or for that matter, February or March but it is progress on a UFO and it will soon be a completed quilt top and marked off the UFO list.  The borders are cut and pieced and will soon be sewn on.  Officially, according to the pattern, this quilt would be complete if I stopped right now.  But you know me, I always like a bed size quilt, plus I bought this really cool snowflake fabric some two years ago and I'm determined to use it in more than in just the pieced blocks.  Yes, I could use it in a different quilt and guess what. Unless I use some of the really cool snowflake fabric in the backing, I would have enough left over to use in another quilt; which is what I will probably do because I bought another really cool blue holly fabric for the backing.  You can check out some close up pictures of the blocks here.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Some of you may remember my post about the awesome Texas Quilt my customer Sylvia did and trusted me to quilt.  Well, this is another one of her masterpieces.  She carefully chose the fabrics in all the squares in this quilt.  There are even fabrics with the 3 Texas Presidents on them.  She does a fantastic job on all she does.  I just love her choice of fabrics.  I hope you can zoom in on the photo and see all the Texas words I quilted in the narrow brown border. 

This Texas feather was quilted in the upper right corner and bluebonnets around it.

It wouldn't be a Texas quilt without a windmill, right? 

Or a Texasq flag surrounded by stars and loops.

And the Gulf of Mexico quilted in the lower right surrounded by fish and water and waves.


Monday, April 23, 2012


Finally, the Texas quilt is off my design wall. 

I have moved on to the April blocks for the Quilted Angels Online Mystery Quilt.  I'm getting very anxious to see the finished top.  I think there is only 2 more months left. 


Sunday, April 22, 2012


Well, I completely missed the Sunday Stash Stats last week.  I spent too many hours in the airport and it was a late night return.  Besides, I didn't have anything to report; used or added.  This week isn't anything to brag about but I did manage to use a little bit.  So here it is:

Used this week:  3.625

Used Year to date in 2012:  82.25

Added this week:  00000  (Yay!)
Added Year to date in 2012:  72.75

Net used in 2012:  9.5

How is your stash coming along? Click on over to and see how others are doing with their stash busting.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


My customer Ruby M in Lubbock sent me this quilt to quilt.  It is going to be on display at a Museum there.  I've seen a few quilts made from Crown Royal bags but was never too impressed with them.  However, this one is really neat I think.  My question is, Ruby did you drink all that Crown to get enough bags to make this quilt?  Wow!  She informed me that no she didn't. Ruby's sister-in-law in Dallas works with a lady who brought her 64 of them.  Ruby only contributed 3. 

Gregg loved the quilt too.  He usually doesn't comment on very many of my quilts but he really liked this one.  He's not a Crown Royal fan either.  His choice of beverage is Gentleman Jack.  He wanted to know if I would make him a quilt like that.  I told him I didn' think cardboard boxes would hold up under laundry conditions.  Gentleman Jack doesn't come in a nice purple bag, it comes in a nice cardboard box... sometimes. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


One of my customers does the most amazing needle turn applique.  I am so envious.  It is always perfect!  I have quilted a quilt each year for the past three years for her for the Brownwood Quilt Show.  This is Jonna's quilt for this year.  She doesn't want me to quilt over her applique and I have to respect that.  Darn is it ever hard not to do something once in a while in spots on her applique.  She says she doesn't particularly like to piece quilts, she just likes to do the needle turn applique.  Maybe I can trade her applique for piecing and quilting.  :)


Tuesday, April 17, 2012


While in Missouri, I managed to take in an Auction with my dad.  There's not a whole lot more (other than quilting) that I enjoy than going to an Auction; especially when I can get a bargain.  I'm a tight wad so I don't typically give very much for any given item. 

I really wanted a set of embroidered tea towels.  There were piles and piles of them and I was just sure I could probably nab a set for a reasonable price.  Oh no.... that auctioneer was afraid of getting wet (weather predictions were thunderstorms all day) and he sold them in huge gigantic stacks of about 5-6 sets in a stack.  They all went for around $50 for each of the three stacks.  Not that that wasn't a decent buy, it was just more tea towels than I wanted at this time.  Dang it!

Dad and I did manage to score on these crocks though.  We bought the whole lot for $75.  Whoo hoo.  There are actually 2 more larger ones that I already started cleaning up before I snapped this picture.
And then the best buy of the day, in my opinion; I got this old White Rotary Electric Sewing Machine for just $15.  I figured the cabinet was worth that.  It's a really neat cabinet. 

Check out the "side saddles".  The one on the left has a flip top to store goodies in.

The "side saddle" on the right swings out to reveal  a handy place to wind the cord up and more storage in the door.

This is it all folded out.  The cabinet is in fairly good shape but I'm hoping dad will re-finish it by the time I make it back home with a vehicle to haul it back to Texas.  See the neat old iron pot in the lower left, under the machine?  Dad was the successful bidder on it too.  It had a really neat old tin scoop in it but while I was taking some of his other goodies to the car, he sold it off to a guy.  WHAT!!!!  DAD, that was a really cool scoop!  Oh well.

And here is a close up of the machine head.  I plugged it in and the light worked but the motor didn't work.  I don't know if I'll go to the trouble of trying to find someone to take a look at it or if I'll just keep it for looks.  It is a neat looking piece. 

Do you go to auctions and what kind of bargains have you picked up?


What happened to my life?  It's been a whirlwind since I left for Missouri last Thursday.  The Texas Quilt is STILL on my design wall.  No progress has been made.  Guess you have to stay home to make progress, huh?  Oh well, spending time with my granddaughters was way more fun!  Here's the picture of the stalled out Texas Quilt.


Saturday, April 14, 2012


Who can resist a red, white, and blue quilt?  Well, of course not me!  While cruising the Internet, I came across this quilt A Touch of Red.  I looks quite easy and quick.  And it's a free pattern.  And you can have a chance to win 2 jelly rolls from Moda's new line of fabric Sweetwater - Runion from The Fat Quarter Shop if you check out Jo's Country Junction blog and leave her a comment on where your hometown is.  You can leave me a comment on where your hometown is too but I don't have a jelly roll to give away to you.  :(

My home town will always be Nevada, MO.  I have lived there since 1970 when we moved there from the great metropolis of Montevallo, MO.  I'm not sure the population of Montevallo is but it can't be more than about 30 and I'm not sure there's even that any more.  When we lived there, there was a post office, a country store, a church, and a gas station.  There was also the old school but it had closed many years prior and we used to sneak in and look around.  I remember how scary it seemed.  I'm not sure if I was scared of the school, or scared to get caught by my mom because we weren't suppose to be in there. 

Gregg gives me a hard time about what I call "home".  He says this (meaning the home we currently live in) is "home".  I say nope, "home" will always be Nevada, MO.  However, he claims to be a native Texas and in reality I guess he is.  He was born in Canyon, Texas in the panhandle but they moved from there when he was 1 1/2 years old to Nevada, MO.  So if you ask him where he's from, that's what he'll tell you - Texas.  He says once a Texan, always a Texan.  And he's a prime example of that.  He loves living in Texas. 


Thursday, April 12, 2012


This was one of the quilts I was quilting on last week but I couldn't show you pictures yet.  I just love, love, love it.  It is for B & B Quilting in the Bluebonnet Shop Hop.  Hop on down and have fun in the Bluebonnet Shop Hop and be sure to visit B & B Quilting in Buda, TX to see this quilt in person. 

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